5 YouTube Tools to Grow Your Channel

In this video I’m going to show you 5 amazing tools that will help you grow your YouTube channel – no bs, the real deal! Stay tuned.

Have you ever thought about it? Everyone can make videos, but why do only a few make it big? Why does YouTube recommend only a few selected channels and not others? Why do videos that some channels produce look more professional than others?

The answer may lie in tools.

Most YouTubers who start out don’t even know that there are many software and tools available that the professionals and popular channels use to get more views. A typical YouTuber will just begin with uploading videos and leave the rest to god. I remember when I started YouTubing, after I publish my video, I’d be praying to God that people watch them. And that’s all I did. And that’s what many people do even today. Let me show you the tools that you need to boost your channel and get more views.

1. Tubebuddy

Tubebuddy is a little Chrome extension that anyone can install on their browser. Using it is super easy, You install the plugin and You keep doing the same things that you use to do earlier. That is uploading your video, add the title, etc. but this tool tells you automatically, which tags you need to add, what keywords to add to your title and so on. And it will show you the potential search traffic your video will get if the suggested changes are made. It has even more features like thumbnail generator, keyword lists, etc. It’s a total YouTube SEO software in itself.

Just follow the rules this plugin shows and your videos will have higher chances of getting views on YouTube. There is a free version and a paid version. The link is in the description below. Check it out!

2. YouTube SEO checklist

This is a Chrome extension that will make your old and new YouTube videos like on fire. It’s an SEO checklist that tells you what to do with your YouTube video details. Like the correct title, the tags, etc and at the end gives you an overall score. The better optimized your videos are, the better your score and the higher your chances of getting more views.

Try it out on your old videos, you’ll be surprised to see how some of them are poorly optimized and how much traffic you’re losing.

3. Tubics.com

This tool finds out what is wrong with your YouTube channel. Like I said earlier, many of us think that we are doing the right thing by just uploading great content on YouTube. That’s not enough. You need to get your basics right so that your content gets the push it needs. Just Give your channel URL in this tool and it will do a free scan and tell you what to fix on your youtube channel. Anyone can use it and it’s super easy! Link is in the description. Check it out!

4. Free thumbnail maker

If you haven’t realized yet that thumbnails on YouTube are important, then you’re in for some surprise. If there is one thing that is really important in a YouTube video, that is the thumbnail. Of course, your content is important but other than that. Unfortunately, not all of us are graphic designers and cannot make the best thumbnail. This is why you’ll see a lot of amateur-looking videos with ugly text and scattered graphics on youtube. The content may be great. But just because the thumbnail is ugly you won’t get the views. Not any more.

Canva is a free graphic design tool, that had pre-built templates for youtube thumbnails. All you have to do is use the template and tweak it to your liking. Download the thumbnail and upload it to your old and new videos. You’ll be surprised by the kind of quality difference it can make to your videos and the views it will get.

5. Free video transcript

This is an amazing and free tool that will let you create free video transcripts.

Wait! Did I tell you what transcripts are and why they are important? Well transcripts, for those of you who don’t know – are the text subtitles for a particular video. You could say the text version of your video. It is super important to have a video transcript uploaded into your YouTube video so that YouTube knows what your video is about and so it can show it when someone searches for related content. Usually, you’re supposed to type in the video transcript manually. It is so hard a process. Not with this tool. So just paste your YouTube video link into this tool, and it will spit out the entire text version of the video content. Like automatically. Brilliant isn’t it? And yes it’s totally free. Try it out. The link is in the description.

So, there you have it guys. If you’re a beginner on YouTube struggling to get views for your videos, instead of just uploading videos on videos, try something smart. Try these tools I mentioned. I’m sure you will do a better job at improving the quality of your videos and get more views and subscribers! That’s what we all want right?

Hope you liked the video. If yes, you know what to do.

This is Mani Karthik signing off!

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