10 Tools to Increase YouTube Subscribers

YouTube has made it difficult for new YouTubers who want to make money from this online video platform under their partner program.

In 2017, YouTube announced that they will not put up ads on videos produced by channels that have less than 10,000 total views. Indeed, that’s a lot of views.

The YouTube partner program allows anyone with their own channel to earn money via ads almost immediately.

However, this amendment has definitely added some hurdles for YouTubers who wish to monetize their channel, according to an article on ARS Technica.

Let’s not cry over spilled milk, though. Here are 10 tools that can help you increase views and subscribers, bringing you closer to the goal of monetization.

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1. Tubebuddy

Popular as “The Premier YouTube Channel Management and Video Optimization Toolkit,” TubeBuddy can be the ultimate answer to questions such as, “How can I boost my YouTube channel?”

“How can I increase my YouTube video views?” or “How do I get more YouTube subscribers?”

TubeBuddy is a free-to-download and use browser extension that has been designed to add all new functionalities to your YouTube channel, which will be seen as a whole new set of shortcuts and buttons on YouTube pages.

With this set of tools, you get free access to easy to understand learning materials to help you follow YouTube best practice.

Since TubeBuddy is certified by YouTube itself, it works natively and seamless with the video platform.

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2. vidIQ

Has the growth of your YouTube channel been stagnant for the past couple of years? More than just being a YouTube SEO tool, vidIQ is an enterprise-level video analytics and marketing tool that has emerged as a popular choice amongst YouTube publishers in recent years.

This is a tool that helps publishers identify factors that are preventing their growth on YouTube. Using this tool, publishers can analyze their YouTube account, while using its video analytics, they can learn how users are interacting with their channel.

You can start with the free Chrome extensions and later upgrade to their pro account, which offers some amazing features.

3. Tubefilter

A company that describe itself as “a leading online television trade publication,” Tubefilter is a privately held company that operates an online media business, mainly focusing on online entertainment.

On their company website, users will find the latest trends and information about some of the best-known YouTube channels and their creators, Top 50 or Top 100 most viewed YouTube channels and videos, information about YouTube millionaires worldwide and more. For a YouTube publisher, the opportunity lies in getting their video featured on Tubefilter.

You never know, you might get yourself featured in their millionaire’s section one day.

4. Filmora Video Editor

You can play around with YouTube SEO to get more views and subscribers.

However, if the videos are not enticing enough for the viewer, SEO isn’t going to help you for long. An amazing video editing tool that offers more than 300 effects, designed for beauty, fashion, gaming, travel, education, exclusive filters and overlays color correction tools, Filmora video editing software is one tool YouTubers cannot afford to miss.

Using this tool, you can cut, crop, split, reverse and resize videos to create an amazing experience for the viewer.

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5. YouTube Creator Hub

In June 2016, YouTube had announced a series of new features for its creator community, which included Creator Hub.

The website offers podcasts covering interviews of successful YouTube content creators and helps you learn from their experiences of growing a YouTube channel.

You’ll find consulting, resources, tutorials and quick tips that will be highly useful in increasing views. You will also find an option to submit your own podcast question.

6. YouTube Analytics

You have created a video and published it. But that’s not all if your aim is to track your subscribers and increase views.

You’ll need to monitor the performance of your channel and videos using viewing statistics and popularity metrics. YouTube Analytics is YouTube’s interactive reporting system that offers three kinds of reports

  1. Earnings reports that include estimated earnings and ad performance
  2. Watch-time reports, which include reports related to views, watch time, traffic sources, and audience retention, and
  3. Interaction reports of subscribers and annotations.

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7. Tubular Insights

This product is brought to you by Tubular Labs, a research firm that has built its business by tracking multiplatform video consumption.

Formerly known as a ReelSEO, Tubular Insights is an amazing website that offers video marketing tips, research and advice for digital marketers, writers and video professionals on the latest trends in online video technology and marketing best practices.

Using their inputs, YouTubers can create a road-map to carve out a niche for themselves on YouTube.

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8. Social Blade

Social Blade is a must have tool if you are really serious about getting more views and subscribers.

Social Blade compiles data from YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Daily Motion, Mixer and Instagram, and uses this data for numerical analysis and easy to read statistical graphs and charts in the form of a public database.

YouTubers can use this valuable information, including estimated earnings and future projections, to pave their way to success on the world’s second most visited website.

9. Keywordtool.io

Every blogger, content creator and website owner knows that if they want their content to be read, they would have to create it around topics that people are searching for today.

These searches mostly revolve around the interests, needs and desires of people. This is where a keyword tool that automatically generated Google’s search suggestions comes in handy.

A popular alternative to Google Keyword Planner and other keyword research tools, Keyword Tool helps you generate more than 750 long tail keyword suggestions for every term you search for to create content that appears higher in the search engine rankings.

10. YTSC (YouTube Subscriber Counter)

One of the best free tools for content creators on YouTube, YTSC or YouTube Subscriber Counter collects and enriches real-time data from multiple APIs and provide an interactive dashboard, offering the most interactive statistics related to your YouTube channel, including view history, subscriber history and weekly statistics.

Monitoring views and subscribers will help you stay on track and create content that works best.

So, these were my 10 best picks of tools that can help you track subscribers and increase views.

Use them to surpass the 10,000 views milestone to be accepted into YouTube’s Partner Program and monetize your content.

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