TubeBuddy – The Secret Tool of Top YouTubers

What makes top YouTubers successful?

Of course, their personality, craft and hard work. But….is there something else that is common to most top YouTubers?

Yes, there is. One such tool is TubeBuddy – the secret tool of top YouTubers!

For those of you who know Search Engine Optimization, you’d agree that just producing amazing content isn’t enough to make it big. You got to have the right tools and practice the best craft.

Wit TubeBuddy, you’d have a Swiss Army knife of YouTube’s secret tools and features with you, that most YouTubers won’t.

Wait a minute. So, what exactly is TubeBuddy?

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What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a browser extension that offers special features and helps YouTube channel owners to optimize their videos.

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What does TubeBuddy do?

TubeBuddy helps you optimize your YouTube videos so that they get more views on YouTube.

Let’s say you have a bunch of videos on your YouTube channel and you’re continuously getting fewer views for your videos. You’ve tried all that you can. Added personality, produced some amazing content, but less than a hundred views.

What do you do?

Enter TubeBuddy.

Once installed in your browser (Firefox or Chrome), Tubebuddy will show features in your YouTube account that will help you optimize your videos to get more views!

Think of it as writing a blog post. You’d need to do SEO on the post to get more views right?

Similarly, TubeBuddy will help you optimize your videos so that the YouTube algorithm understands it and shows it more often to intended viewers.

Here are some of the features of TubeBuddy that make it an awesome tool.

TubeBuddy has tons of features!

  • Automatically translate YouTube video Title and Description to another language.
  • Keeps a checklist of the standard “Things to do” on every video.
  • Suggests SEO tags to be added for every video published. (Improves video visibility)
  • Does keyword research & suggests you profitable keywords to add to your videos.
  • Optimizes your video metadata for a specific keyword.
  • Shows how your videos rank on YouTube (shows ranks against each video on Google and YouTube).
  • Shares your videos on multiple social media platforms, so you don’t have to do it one by one.
  • Shows your top subscribers and their social profiles so you can connect with them.
This is how TubeBuddy automatically translates video title and description to another language of your choice.

And a whole lot of other stuff like evaluating your channel, scanning your YouTube channel for over health etc.

I think TubeBuddy is like the Swiss army knife of YouTube SEO!

Mani Karthik

Should you buy TubeBuddy?

Hell yeah. If you’re serious about YouTubing, then TubeBuddy is a must-have tool.

I agree that you might be able to do many of the things that TubeBuddy does manually, but it’s just not gonna happen and even if it does, it’s a time suck.

A tool like TubeBuddy is a whole lot of value as it saves up your time, and streamlines your whole YouTube production and promotion process. I strongly recommend it.

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Do you have a TubeBuddy discount coupon?

You can buy TubeBuddy from here for about $9. Although I recommend the Pro pack.

If you need a TubeBuddy discount coupon, please email me at hi(a)

All the best!

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