Top 10 SEO Tools for Beginners in 2020

Here’s my recent video on SEO, where I talk about the top ten SEO tools for beginners in 2020.

Video transcript below.

In this video I’m going to show you, not 5, not ten but ten amazing SEO tools for beginners that I love!  They are completely free and works amazing! Let’s take a look.

Ok, so here’s the thing. I’m sure you must have seen a lot of videos or lists talking about SEO tools. But there’s a problem with many of these videos. One, these tools are usually too technical and meant for advanced SEO users. I mean everybody knows about SEO. But nobody has time to do these crazy advanced SEO stuff right? We need results and we need it quickly. The tools I’m going to talk about are super easy to use and meant for anyone. Not the advanced level bullshit.

Second – Most of these tools that usually get mentions are paid and expensive. In India, we all know how price-conscious we are. No matter how awesome the product is, we all want that free version. So, I’ve made it a point to add only those SEO tools that are either completely free or offer a free version. No money involved here.

So, without wasting time with my “bak-bak” talk, let’s get straight to the point. 20 amazing SEO tools that everyone can use.

By the way, it took me one whole day to research and put this video together. So please share this with your friends if you like it..

🏆 Best SEO Software – SEMrush


This is a must use for anyone new to SEO or blogging. Basically what this tool does is that it checks if somebody copy pasted your website’s content. So let’s say you published a blog article. You know that if you copied it from somewhere else Google won’t show it on the search results and it is bad for your website. But what if somebody copied your content? This tool helps to check that. It scans the entire internet and tells you if somebody has copied your content or if there is similar content anywhere.

🏆Best YouTube Tool – TubeBuddy

Google Page Speed Insights

This is an official tool from Google that helps you to find out what is wrong with your website. It checks if your website is slow and if yes what is making it slow. Is it the theme? Images or something else. It tells you clearly where and what is wrong with your website or blog. It is completely free so check it out.

Hemingway App

Oh this is one of my favorite ones. You see, when we write content on our websites, we all think it’s amazing. Only when someone reads it they will find mistakes in it, right? This tool does that. Either you copy-paste your content or write by typing in this app itself…this tool will tell you what are the mistakes in your writing, and gives you a score. Whether your content is good for reading or not. It shows you suggestions to improve also. It’s completely free and a must-have tool in every blogger’s toolkit.

Ahrefs Link Checker

See you probably already know that the more other websites link to your website, the more popular your website gets, right? But how we do we know which website is linking to your website? This tool will tell you. Ahrefs backlink checker will tell show you all the details about which website is linking to you, how did they link, whether that website is a good one or not. Everything!

🏆 Best WordPress Host – Kinsta


This tool is like an Xray machine for your website. Just give your website address and this tool will scan your entire website like a X-ray machine and tell you everything about your website. Even stuff that you didn’t know. It will tell you if your SEO is correct, what is wrong how you can fix it, which are the top pages, etc etc etc. Amazing tool and totally free!

Exploding topics

This is a brand new tool in the market. Here’s what it does. Let’s say your blog is about fashion. And you already know what is trending because everybody is writing about it. But what is the next trend? It would be nice if you can know it before it starts trending so that you can benefit, right? Well, this is exactly what this tool does. Tells you what is the upcoming trend in your industry. Try it out, it’s free.

🏆 Runner Up SEO Tool – SEO Press


Any guess what it is? Ok, you know that there are lots of SEO tools that track your websites ranks right? Like if you tell which keyword you want to rank for, these tools will tell you what your current position on Google is. This is usual. But this SEODub tool does something little more. Not only will it tell you what your current rank is, but it will also tell you what your future rank will be!!! Nice right? Try it out. The link is in the description.

🏆Best Email Software – SendinBlue

SEO Nibbler

Nibbler is a free SEO tool that gives you a full SEO report of your website. It will scan your website or blog and tell you how popular it is, how people will like your website, what have you done wrong etc etc. It’s so much value because it tells you everything for free that some SEO agencies charge for like hundreds of dollars. Try it out!

This might sound like a little advanced tool but no, it isn’t. Hear me out. You probably already know that Google has a free product called Google Search Console right? If you add your website to Google search console it will tell some basic things. Like which keywords give you the most traffic, another basic SEO setup, etc. But there’s a problem with this tool. It does not give you anything useful. Like you have to do a lot of hard work to figure out things. Otherwise, it’s just a lot of data and numbers. What to do with it? Nobody knows. This is where a tool like SanityCheck comes into the picture. It scans your Google search console data and tells you useful things like what do do, which pages have gone down in traffic, which pages have gone up in traffic what change should you make to your content etc. After all, that is what matters right? Check it out, I love this tool. I’m sure you will too.

Mobile Rank Checker

You know that Googles search results are different in every city and country. Even if you typed in the same search phrase in India and the USA, the results will be different. If you searched for “iPhone” in India and the USA, Google might show you one result in India and another result in the USA. So as bloggers, how will you know if your website is showing on the first page of Google in another country or city? By using this tool. You can choose the country and even the city… then give the search phrase and it will show you what the search result is in that city or country. Very very useful! Try it out.

Ok, that was a long one. Phew! All the tools I mentioned are linked in the video description and comments, go check them out and let me know if you liked them. One more favor to ask. Please share this video on social media. A lot of people are asking me, hey Mani your content is good but why is there no views on it? The reason is that nobody is sharing it. So if you think your friends will like this video, please share it with them. That will make me smile.

Actually, I have some more unknown SEO tools that I want to tell you. But if I include them in this video it will be super long. So I thought I’ll do it in another video. If this video gets enough views and shares. So please let me know in comments if you want to know more such lesser-known free SEO tools and I’ll be happy to share.

This is Mani Karthik signing off!

🏆 Best WordPress theme – Divi.

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