SEMrush Content Marketplace Review – Worth it?

SEMrush, the popular SEO & content marketing software has launched a content marketplace for anyone trying to find a good quality article writing service. How good is it? Let us check.

I’m a big fan of SEMrush. It’s a tool that I use daily for my SEO purposes.

When they launched the content marketplace, I was excited! If you’re into content marketing, you know how difficult it is to find good writers and quality articles.

Of course, there are many marketplaces available already. Like Fivver for super cheap content and Hubstaff for pricey ones (and the ones in between).

The problem is that the services are either super cheap or super expensive. It’s very difficult (not impossible) to find a reliable partner from whom you can buy content on a regular basis.

SEMrush Content Marketplace solves this problem by giving you access to reputed writers on-demand for a fixed price. They have four tiers at which you can demand an article. 500 words, 1000 words, 1500 words and 2000 words.

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Services on SEMrush content marketplace

You can get different type of content on SEMrush marketplace like

  • Article writing
  • Product descriptions
  • Website copy
  • Email newsletters
  • Press release
  • Ebooks etc

Obviously the most popular is the article writing service. You choose different article lengths, and pay accordingly.

SEMrush content marketplace

If you compare it with services like Fivver, it’s not that cheap. But then Fiverr is Fiverr and you get what you pay for.

In SEMrush though, the writers are native English speakers, vetted for and reviewed so you get top quality content.

There are cheaper services that offer competitive prices but not as reliable as SEMrush.

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How long does it take to get content delivered?

Following is the content delivery timefram on SEMrush content marketplace.

First you get – Title & meta-description
First version – Within 2 working days of placing your order.
Revision- Within 2 working days of rejecting an offered title or meta-description.

Then comes – Content piece
Content delivery – Within 10 working days of approval of the title.
Revision – Within 3 working days of your request for revision of the article.
You’re allowed to revise a content piece 3 times within an order.

Pay your money, and get your article delivered in 3 days! Simple as that.

Check out the marketplace here.

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