How to Make a Website in 10 Mins (Free)

Here’s my latest video. Transcript below.

In just ten minutes, when this video is over, you will have an amazing good looking website of yours that you can share with your friends. 100% free! Let me show you how.

Hey, if you’re here for the first time, just a quick introduction. My name is Mani Karthik and I’m a blogger from India. For the last ten years I’ve been working in the USA, India and Middle East helping companies with online marketing. But I got bored and returned back to India in 2017 and ever since have been blogging full time. So whatever I say is from my experience and I’m not bullshitting.

So here’s my dream. 

By 2025, every Indian should have their own website. I know it’s a weird dream but considering the turn of events lately, I think more than a dream, it would become a necessity. 

More people are working from home, more people are using the internet. 

So imagine, if you had a website of your own that you could share with your friends, it would be awesome, right? 

It would just be like your visiting card. Instead of sharing the visiting card, you share your website address.

That would be great isn’t it?

With a website, you can have your contact information and services listed so people can hire you.

You could have your payment addresses in there so people can send you money.

You could have all your social media links there so they can connect with you.

The possibilities are endless.

And the interesting part is that, you too can get a website for free. So why not get one today?

Let me show you how. 

Step 1

So, first of all, you need to go to a website called

Get my free

This website will help you create a completely free website in just under five minutes.

Your website will be built using WIX – which is the world’s easiest popular website building platform that is used by millions.

Once you go to you will see a button that says “Get Started”. Click on it.

Now it will ask you to sign up with your email id. It is very simple and free. Just give your email address and then choose a password. And click Sign up.

They will send an email with the confirmation link to your inbox. Make sure you click on it and confirm.

Now, log in to the site with the same email and password you just registered with.

Then you will get this screen where they ask some questions. But we don’t have time for that so we shall go ahead and click the “Skip” button.

Now, you will see two options on your screen. Basically asking you which design you want for your website.

If you choose the option on the left – Wix itself will find the right design for you, but you’ll have to ask some questions.

If you chose the option on the right – You can choose yourself which design you want, from plenty of designs that are available.

We will go with the option on the right, and choose our own design.

So click on “Choose a template”.

Now you will see many beautiful, amazing, colorful designs to choose from.

Take some time and view the designs before you choose the one you want.

I usually get confused, because there are so many good designs.

You can see that here on the top, there are different categories also. I’m going to select “Professional CV” so we can create a neat looking personal website.

If you are creating a business website, you can also choose a relevant template for it, from the categories.

Let’s choose this design for now. It looks colorful.

Just click on it and click on “Edit site”.

There is a video tutorial that will pop up. But naah, we will close it for now and edit the site ourselves. Trust me, it’s super simple.

Now, as you can see the site has loaded and everything that you see here can be changed.

The fonts, the letters, the text, the colors, the photo anything you want, can be changed.

This is what I love about Wix. Even a 5 year old kid can create a website with Wix.

If you want to change the text here, that has the name, just click on it and change it. Like this.

You can change the heading, from different sizes. You can change the font to different ones.

Let me choose this one, because it looks so stylish.

All this is just like writing an email. So simple!

Now, you can change the photo here by uploading your own.

But there’s something really cool here – filters.

Click on the filters tool and you can simple choose from the list of filters, which one you want.

It’s just like Instagram. Look at all these filters. So cool!

Now, we can also change the links on these round buttons you see here.

Just click on it and change the link.

You can also change the text on the buttons if you want.

I’m going to add my PayTM link and my WhatsApp link here, so that if someone wants to send me money, they can and if someone wants to contact me, they can.

I’m going to change the text here, make it a little bit bigger so it is easy to read and move it up.

You can move and rearrange everything you see here on the page by just dragging it with your mouse.

Just click on what you want to move, and then drag it to where you want it.

Now, as you can see there are four pages on this website.

Home, Resume, Projects and Contact.

To change each page, just click on the “Site Menu” here on the left and choose the page from the list.

As you click on the page, it will load here on the site.

And just like how I showed you before, you can change everything on the page.

Let’s go to the contact page and see how it looks.

Great, there is already a form here. Where people can contact you or send messages.

You can add any fields you want, or change the look of it easily.

Now the menu on your left has more customization options.

For example, the second item lets you change the entire background of the site.

Just click on it and so many background image options will show up.

Just click on which ever you want and it will show. I’m going to select this one. Looks cool right?

Now, in the third option, you can add whatever you want to the site. 

Click on it and you can add images, videos, music, buttons, shapes, lists whatever you want.

Let me show you how to add a YouTube video.

Just click on the video option and choose “YouTube”.

This will immediately place a YouTube player on the site. See! How quick was that?

You can also choose other platforms like YouTube if you want.

But let me choose a video of mine.

You go to Youtube and copy the URL of the video you want and simply paste it here.

There you go, my video is now on this page.

If I want to change the size of the player, make it big, small or move it to this side, I can do so easily by clicking and dragging my mouse.

Now, Wix also provides a lot of apps for additional functionality.

Like for example, if you want to make your website a e-commerce store, you can make it so by adding an app. For this there is an app store. You can pick and choose which app you want.

But today, let’s keep it simple.

Just like video, if you want to add an image, there is a big collection of free images available, just click on the one you want and arrange it on the site like this.

Everything is super easy with Wix.

Now, once you are finished with making changes on the site, click on the save button.

Click on Preview and it will show you how your website is looking.

If you are happy, go ahead and click on the “publish” button and your website is published.

You can copy-paste the website link from here. And share it with whoever you want.

Add it to your WhatsApp status or instagram bio.

Now notice that you are getting a long link here.


This is good enough, but if you want to get an even memorable name, like 

Like in this example, then you have to buy that domain name.

It’s not free. But domain names are so cheap these days.

You can buy one for the price of a Biriyani. About 300 Rupees.

Normally it is around 800 – 1000 Rupees but I have a special discount affiliate code, if you use that, you can get a domain name for just Rs. 499. The link is in the description, click on it and you can get the discount code automatically.

Once you get the domain name, you can easily add it to your free Wix website.

It becomes so much easier to share your own domain name.

Imagine, meeting your friend and they ask, are you on Insta?

And you reply with a smile. Of course I am, check out my website –

Impressive, isn’t it?

Alright right, so there you have it.

The easiest way you can create a website today, and that too a beautiful, colorful, awesome website that looks good on mobile and desktop. For free!

I hope you liked this video, if yes, you know what to do. Hit the like button and let me know in comments if you have any questions, at all.

So happy to help you.

This is Mani Karthik, signing off.

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