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How to Make an eCommerce Website

Here's how you can make an eCommerce website.

Hi There,

In this video, I’m going to show you how to start an eCommerce website from scratch for free. 

At the end of this tutorial, you will have a fully functioning eCommerce website with your products listed.

Anyone will be able to buy your products online and you will get the money in your bank account immediately on purchase.

You’ll be able to manage your products, do shipping and customer support easily from the convenience of your mobile phone or desktop. 

All of this is completely free.

Don’t trust me? Watch this tutorial carefully for the next 15 mins and I’ll show you how.

So, just a quick intro before getting to the tutorial.

First off, thanks for deciding to watch this video. I’m pretty sure that you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, trying to set up an online business.

Good call. Online business is all the rage today. This is a great time to be setting up an online shop.

Everyone’s buying things online from salt to tv. But there’s a problem with eCommerce.

Setting up your own website, handling online transactions, shipping, dealing with customers’ problems – all these require a lot of effort, time, and money.

Until now. 

Modern eCommerce platforms have made it easy for us to do all of this from the comfort of your mobile phone. 

Let’s get into the tutorial and I’ll show you how to start your eCommerce store easily.

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