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Did you know that every minute, almost 300 hours of video is uploaded on YouTube? Or that 15 billion people visit this platform every month? Well, it doesn’t stop there. We view almost 5 billion hours of videos every single day on YouTube, according to an article on Live Tiles. How do you make your videos stand out from the crowd and garner more views?

One thing that is crucial is holding on to the interest of the viewer right till the end. This can only be done by making the content visually and audibly appealing and engaging. An average viewer spends 20-25 minutes per visit and within five to ten seconds, decides whether they want to continue viewing a video or not. One thing that does resonate with viewers is music. So, here are some great free music sites that can help enhance your videos.

Free Legal Music Download Websites
These websites allow you to download high quality music completely free of cost and add them to your YouTube videos. 

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SoundClick lets you download music from several different musicians’ websites directly. Apart from this, you can also go explore a wide range of genres and songs. There are some really cool features, like interacting with other listeners, customizing your radio stations and so on.

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You can download unlimited music through NoiseTrade. These are not only legal but can also help promote small artists. You can leave them a tip and also share their music with your friends and family to help these musicians gain more exposure.


With well defined categories of trending, top songs and top albums, Audiomack offers a plethora of amazing music choices for your YouTube videos. Hip hop, Electronic and Reggae music are in plenty, which makes it a popular website among the younger crowd.

Pure Volume

This is one of the biggest platforms where artists from all across the world can upload their own music. At Pure Volume, you are required to take the permission of the artist before downloading any music. However, most of the musicians have kept their profiles “open” for you to download their songs, without waiting to be granted permission first. You can listen first and then download, which makes this website even more convenient. 

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This one specializes in free hip hop mixtapes. With Spinrilla, you conduct both individual as well as bulk downloads. Here, you can browse music by the name of the mix tape or just single or chart. Apart from showing its viewers which tapes are upcoming in future, it also updates which music will be available when.


This is one of the few websites that allows you to explore artists who are still unknown to the world. Famous bands like Imagine Dragons and The Civil Wars started off their journey from ReverbNation. The best part about this website is that it gives you a list of all the new and upcoming artists, so you can choose from brand new music to make your YouTube video stand out from the rest. 

The benefits of good music for your YouTube videos are plenty. They help your channel attract more viewers, while retaining the attention of the viewer till the end.

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