15+ Free Blog Sites to Start a Blog (Comparison, Reviews & Expert Recommendations)

There are many free blog sites, blogging services and even free web servers available today, but some offer more growth, exposure, and monetization prospects than others. Which are they? How can you choose the best free blog site? This article will help choose the best free blogging platform to start your blogging journey.

The best free blogs are self-hosted, which means they require a unique domain and hosting firm. But to get started with blogging, you can always choose a free blogging site.

Most popular bloggers of today started with free blogs in the beginning and moved to self hosted options later.

You could be the next big blogger too, so why don’t you too start with a free blog site?

Let’s go.

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Free blog sites to start blogging

Here are the best free blog sites for beginners to start blogging (full list first, expert recommendations afterwards).

  1. Wix (⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Best among free blog sites)
  2. WordPress free version (⭐⭐⭐ – Second best)
  3. Blogger.com (⭐⭐)
  4. Sugarspace (⭐⭐)
  5. Weebly (⭐)
  6. Medium (⭐)
  7. Ghost (⭐)
  8. Joomla (????)
  9. Jimdo (????????)
  10. Tumblr (????????)
  11. Substack (????????)
  12. Site 123 (????????????)
  13. Hubpages (????????????)
  14. Contentful (????????????)
  15. Jekyll (????????????)
  16. Silverstripe (????????????????)

Best free blog site for beginners

If you’re a beginner and want to start your blog, then the best free blogging site to launch your blog is WordPress.com.

Reason: You can start your blog free, get all the basic features and in the future, if required, can upgrade to a better version easily.

Think about where your blog will be five years from now. If your blogging platform can’t contain the traffic, it’s probably not a good choice.

Mani Karthik

Best free blog sites for bloggers

Best free blog sites with features

I wouldn’t recommend most of the free blog sites because they are limited in function.

However a few of them are great to get started with and as you grow, upgrade to a better version. Here are my recommendations of free blog sites, if you’re thinking of starting a free blog.

WordPress Free Version (Is it good to start a free blog?)

WordPress is an extremely simple to use free blog site that is search engine friendly. It is so popular that one among six websites you see online are likely to be made on WordPress. WordPress is the best blogging software available, and I use it for all my blogs.

But, there is a problem. There are three versions of WordPress. ????

WordPress free version (available on WordPress.com), then there is WordPress paid version and there is WordPress self hosted version. Here are the differences between the three versions of WordPress.

WordPress.com free version – Anyone can sign and start. No money or payment is required. But it is limited in functionality. It cometets with blogger.com or blogspot.com essentially.

WordPress paid version – If you need more functionality than the free WordPress.com version, you can pay some money and upgrade it to the paid version. You will get more features and you don’t need to worry about hosting, domain name etc. All of it comes with the aid package.

WordPress self hosted version – This is the most popular option, where you buy the hosting and domain name separately and install WordPress software in the server yourself. This might sound tough to do, but it is not.

There are many WordPress hosting options, which does the installation and set up for you if you pay the money.

Why do most websites opt for self hosted WordPress version?

Because you can choose the host, control the server, choose the domain and features you want and customize the website to your liking 100%.

FYI, this website is on a WordPress self hosted version.

Advantages of WordPress Free Blog Site

Flexibility – From a food or mommy blog to an e-commerce site selling items, gifts, or jewellery, can be made on WordPress.

Price – WordPress software is free, only hosting and domain fees apply. The free version may be inadequate as you grow your blog.

Reliability – WordPress’ software and security are regularly updated and very reliable.

Customization – Because WordPress is open-source, dozens of custom themes and plugins have been created. As a result, WordPress is highly configurable.

Disadvantages of WordPress Free Blog Site

Hosting is additional – You must host WordPress on your server to get the most out of it. A self-hosted WordPress site is a terrific long-term investment if you expect to make money online as a blogger or freelancer.

Coding may be required – Customization requires coding, even if a stunning WordPress site is available out of the box. WP has over 3,000 designs to pick from.

Blogger or Blogspot free blogging site

Blogger was once known as BlogSpot. Blogger is noted for its quick setup and simple interface. However, the number of Blogger-based blogs I encounter is dropping as more bloggers shift to WordPress for greater flexibility.

Blogger allows users to register up to 100 blogs, making it ideal for anyone wanting to check out a few different blogs. Unlike WordPress, you can use your own unique domain name for free.

The fact that Blogger is owned by Google has many advantages. For example, it supports Google AdSense, making money is easier here.

Advantages of Blogspot.com

As a result of Google’s support, Blogger.com is quite stable. It’s also safe.

Easy monetization – Making money with Google AdSense is simple.

Simplicity – It’s a really simple platform to learn even for newbies.

Disadvantages of Blogspot.com

No Customization Options– You can’t personalise Blogger even if you update the back-end code. It’s also difficult to register your own domain name.

Style Issues– Blogger has restricted themes and styles, and no plugins for extra functionality or features.

No Support – Blogger has a small developer community compared to WordPress’ big developer community. It is rarely updated with new features.

If you want to write but don’t want to pay for a blog, I recommend Blogger.com (blogspot.com). It’s one of the greatest free blogging services for beginners and takes about 15 minutes to set up.

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Wix is another free blog site platform that is a major challenger to WordPress in terms of usability and functionality. The drag-and-drop interface allows users to create a gorgeous website in minutes. It also includes templates to help new users launch their own well-designed site.

Like WordPress, Wix has the flexibility to design almost any site. It even supports eCommerce, ideal for small businesses and independent merchants. This free blog site platform is ideal for beginners who want to get started quickly.

Advantages of Wix free blog site.

Easy to use – Easy drag and drop feature makes designing basic websites simple.

Free demoWix offers a free alternative to get you started and test the platform before you buy a package. This excludes your own domain and compels you to run their adverts on your site.

Many themes – Pre-built templates save time and allow you to focus on expanding your business.

Backup – Wix sets backup locations for your website that you may restore at any moment.

Wix problems

Free but limited – Wix is free to use, but it costs money. The ad-free option is $14/month.

Less control – Starting templates are fantastic, but modifying them is limited. Wix is for you if you like playing within a framework. But if you want a lot more control, we recommend self-hosted WordPress.

Poor site speed – Wix site’s speed is limited. What you can do to genuinely speed up your site is limited.

Many customization options available on free blogs and not websites

Many bloggers are content with the platform’s basic offering. However, add-ons can be used to customize the experience. This contains anti-spam, SEO optimization, and password security plugins.

What is a blogging platform & why choose a free blogging site?

A blogging platform is basically software that allows you to publish content without having to create your own website.

You can control what you publish with your own free blog.

You don’t have to be a tech guru to use a free blogging platform. No coding or web page design skills are required. Setting up a free blog is usually simple.

Why is a free blogging site better than a website?

Expense & Cost – Free blogging site is a lot cheaper than a website

Setting up a website and hosting it can be costly, especially if you lack technical expertise. Many of the greatest blogging platforms are free or require a nominal fee.

Anyone can start a free blogging site

Anyone can start blogging and producing material in minutes. You can utilize a blogging platform if you can use a word processor like Microsoft Word. This frees you up to focus on your writing rather than technical details.

A blog lists content chronologically

It is worth noting that blogs are usually presented in a logical manner. The newest posts were displayed first. It is very simple to categorize your posts to help users locate what they are looking for.

Lots of help available from other bloggers

When you design your own website, you are either on your own or relying on others. A blogging platform, on the other hand, offers a lot of assistance and support. Popular platforms have strong online communities and support teams.

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How to choose a free blog site

When choosing a good free blog site, here are some things you should be mindful of.

Reliability of the blogging platform.

For a busy blogger, having their blog down for hours is the last thing you want. Before you start utilizing one of these free blogging platforms, read reviews from other users about how reliable the platform is.

You’re looking for uptimes and downtimes.

Uptime = The amount of time the site is available online.

Downtime = The amount of time the site is not available.

Look and feel options.

You’ll need a good-looking blog that invites visitors to explore. The best free blogging platforms have a variety of designs to choose from and shouldn’t be limited. Look for free blog sites that give you plenty of themes or designs.

Maintenance cost.

Both free and paid blogging platforms are easily available. When choosing a free blogging site, the idea is to keep the cost minimal. Will the free blogging platform you choose ask for a fee later? If so, how much? If not, what is included in the free plan? These are things you need to ask.

Can the free blog site support your growth?

Most bloggers start small but have big ambitions. If your site is a hit, you need a free blog site that can help you grow. Changing platforms later is difficult if you don’t make the appropriate choice initially.

Here are some frequently asked questions about free blog sites.

What is the best site to create a free blog?

The best site to create a free blog is WordPress. Alternative sites to create a free blog are Wix, Sugarspace, and Blogspot.

How to create your own blog site for free?

To create your own blog site for free, sign up for a free account on WordPress.com or Blogspot.com and follow the instructions there.

Are there free blog sites?

Yes, there are plenty of free blog sites available to start your free blog. The most popular ones are blogspot.com (blogger.com), WordPress.com, WIX and Sugarspace.com

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