10 Best CTA Popup Plugins for WordPress

Did you know that around 75% of the visitors to a website do not mind coming back to that blog again? On the other hand, even if you’ve created killer content, there is no guarantee visitors are going to stick to your WordPress site. The reasons could be many, but the end result is the same – zero conversion. So, what makes those 75% visitors return and what drives them away?

Pop-up messages are a major tactic used by bloggers and businesses to lure customers, prompt them to purchase a product or service and increase sales. The call to action of these pop-ups is a great way to entice readers to share their e-mail address so that we can create a mailing list. So, even after a visitor has left the website, the blogger can stay connected with them via mail to boost conversions.

Here is a list of 10 amazing conversion-generating call to action pop-up plugins for WordPress to get your visitor’s attention when you need it the most.

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Bloom Email Optin Plugin

Email marketing is a highly beneficial tool, used by bloggers to increase engagement. Brought to you by Elegant Themes, Bloom is an email opt-in and lead generation plugin for WordPress, which allows you to display unique forms with equally unique features, based on a visitor’s interaction and location, targeting specific posts and pages. The plugin boasts many more useful features that can help you customize email opt-in forms to gain more email subscribers, which makes Bloom the #1 CTA plugin on my list. With this plugin, you get to choose from more than 100 beautifully designed templates of automatic pop-ups and fly-in opt-in forms that can be triggered to be time delayed, appear at the bottom of the page or after scrolling or commenting.

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Thrive Leads

Needless to say, an online business cannot do without an email list that helps it drive traffic on demand and increase revenue. A highly popular email lead generation plugin, Thrive Leads, helps you build an email list easily, through enticing opt-in forms, asking visitors to sign up to the list as a direct call to action. Thrive Leads is an all-in-one lead generation plugin that helps you create a variety of different types of opt-in forms like pop-up lightbox, sticky ribbon/notification bar, in-line forms inside the content, slide-in forms, 2-step opt-in forms, available with a drag and drop interface, along with A/B Testing to see what works best.

WP Notification Bar Pro

Another helpful plugin to grow your email list, WP Notification Bar Pro, is a custom notifications and alerts plugin for WordPress that displays a sleek message bar on your website that can be used to add a call to action. The plugin includes various types of notification bars, such as post content, text and link, subscribe box, social media follow, countdown timer and search form, which can be displayed on specific pages or posts, all of which allow you to add your CTA. The user gets the option to not get the notification bar displayed for specific visitors, such as those coming from a particular social networking site or search engine.

WP Subscribe Pro

WP Subscribe Pro is the must-have e-mail subscription plugin for WordPress, to be used by any business to attract and engage the social media audience to become newsletter subscribers and thereby boost conversion. This plugin allows you to generate extra traffic through amazing popups with in and out animations, prompting the user’s subscription to the email list and giving you an opportunity to increase your earnings. The plugin also allows you to use a popup to make article suggestions and increase visitor engagement.

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Optin Monster

Powerful lead generation software, Optin Monster, allows bloggers to create attractive optin forms that help you grow your e-mail list and increase sales. This lightweight, user- and mobile-friendly plugin is highly popular and is being widely used to boost conversions. You get to choose from optin forms like Exit-Intent® popups, Fullscreen Welcome Mats and Scroll Boxes. The plugin detects user behavior and shows personalized messages, combining it with a yes/no feature to redirect the visitor to the most popular pages and reduce cart abandonment. The plugin offers features like detailed A/B testing and page level targeting for maximum conversion.

Exit-Intent Popups by OptiMonk

Exit-Intent Popups is a very interesting plugin that uses exit intent technology, allowingthe plugin to determine the exact millisecond at which a visitor leaves a webpage by monitoring their mouse movements and detecting when they are likely to leave the website without making a purchase. Each time a visitor appears likely to leave the page, the plugin shows them a custom message with profitable offers that are hard to resist. Other than the exit, the user can set the popup on entry, scroll or after a specific number of seconds.

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Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box

Today, a good way increase engagement is to present the visitor with personalized content. Deamgrow Scroll Triggered Box is a highly effective WordPress plugin that allows you to display a pop-up box, with customizable content, based on your marketing needs. The pop-up includes a call-to-action for the visitor to sign up for your newsletter. It also offers Facebook-like buttons and social bookmarking. The plugin detects visitor behavior by analyzing the percentage of scrolls, click on page and mouse over element, if they are reaching the end of post, have commented on the post, and presents a call to action to engaged visitors.

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Shortcodes Ultimate

Boasting a comprehensive collection of different visual and functional elements to be used in post editor, text widgets or template files, Shortcodes Ultimate is a free WordPress plugin that lets you create tabs, buttons, boxes, sliders, carousels and responsive videos. After installation, you get to choose from more than 50 shortcodes to create your customized call to action.

Thrive Ultimatum

If you closely analyse, you will find that the best marketing moves are those that are rooted deep within human psychology The makers of Thrive Ultimatum have used “Urgency,” the most effective marketing principle, to come up with a plugin that is sure to boost conversions. Urgent situations encourage deliberate thinking, making us act faster. So, when a visitor sees a pop-up displaying a offer with a ticking timer, they are more likely to take action. In this plugin, you can choose from a variety of unique pre-made design templates, suitable for various campaign types, such as fixed date, recurring, evergreen, multi-page and countdown timers, widgets and floating banners.

WordPress Calls to Action

Specifically designed, taking inbound marketing best practices into consideration,  WordPress Calls to Action is an amazing plugin that allows you to monitor and track conversion rates and run A/B or multivariate split tests on beautiful CTAs and convert more leads on your site.

Pop-ups should ideally be composed of sharp visuals and minimal text, with a well-designed and simply delivered CTA, in terms of wording. So, apart from choosing a great plugin, make sure your CTA is effective too.

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