5 Best YouTube Keyword Tools

If you want to get the maximum viewership for you YouTube videos, you need to ensure that you use the right keywords. With 300 hours of video being uploading on this platform every minute, the only way to make your videos discoverable is through keywords. The good news is that there are some excellent keyword tools specifically meant for YouTube. Here’s a look at my top 5 such tools.


In case you are new to a specific niche, you can analyze the competition using SEMRush. While it will only give information on the basis of Google search volumes, you’ll still get an idea regarding the topic that will work best for your video. Just enter the competitor’s blog in SEMrush and you will get a list of all the keywords on which they are being ranked. Analyze this list to look for any low competition keywords that you can use.


VidIQ is one of the few keyword tools that solely targets YouTube. Apart from keyword research, it has many other features that can help to grow your YouTube presence. You get access to information about what is the best time to post a new video, on the basis of previous data. Other than this, the tool also provides moderation and comment viewing facility. There is a side panel that appears while you view videos through this tool. Here, you can see all the tags, social media shares on various platforms and on page optimization tips. VidIQ is also available as a web application that you can use to estimate competition, along with several other features.


Keywordtool.io is one of the most powerful keyword tools, capable of ranking hundreds of keywords, according to their popularity. What it does is take data from YouTube autocomplete and create a list of the most searched keywords. Apart from the autocomplete data, you can also gain access to common questions asked, which makes it a very useful YouTube keyword tool.


In case you want data on some specific keywords, use Ubersuggest. This tool is offered by the well-known SEO guru, Neil Patel, and is considered as one of the best options for keyword search for YouTube. Apart from information related to competition and search volume, you also get know the seasonality of the keyword in question and its cost per click.

Tube Buddy

For people looking to do competitor analysis, along with keyword research, this Chrome extension can come in handy. Other features of Tube Buddy include longtail keyword suggestions, best practices suggestions, on page tips, among others. While many features of this tool are paid, the free version does have some useful functionalities.

Before you choose a tool, make sure you go through the features and reviews to understand its utility. This will help you go a long way in making a mark through your YouTube content.

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