20 Best WordPress Plugins for Google Analytics

Did you know, more than 85% of your visitors are unlikely to return to your WordPress site if they have a bad experience?

So, it is crucial that you track and analyse your user data and retain visitors. For this, you will need an effective Google Analytics plugin.

Here’s a list of the 20 best WordPress Google Analytics plugins.

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Monster Insights

If you are looking for a powerful tool to track and analyse user data, Monster Insights is a good option.

With an easy-to-use design, this plugin offers various other features, such as data history, real-time report, form conversions, effective link tracking, option to track SEO score and many more.

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WP Power Stats

Another highly effective and customizable tool for managing and tracking your WordPress visitors is WP Power Stats.

It enables you to analyze page views, user data, traffic sources, operating systems, viewed posts, referrals and more, through its fully-responsive interface.

WP Statistics

Are you looking for a lightweight and user-friendly tool to analyze your WordPress site’s statistics?

Then, WP Statistics is a great choice for you!

This plugin lets you record user data, including search engine, referring site, IP address, operating systems, etc. Moreover, it comes with attractive graphs and visual statistics.

Google Analytics

Google Analytic is a widely used WordPress plugin for a deeper understanding of your website’s visitors.

You can use this plugin on multiple sites and analyze all the reports on a single dashboard. It lets you track user engagement, links and get real-time insights without spending a penny.

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Kiss Metrics

If you are looking for all-in-one solution for conversion optimization and analytics, Kiss Metrics is an awesome plugin.

You don’t need to be a master of coding to know your visitor engagement, this plugin takes care of everything for you.


Another simple yet powerful plugin for having in-depth knowledge of your WordPress users is ExactMetrics.

This plugin helps you with file tracking, universal analytics, real-time statistics, event tracking and has a powerful link attributing feature.

It is also translation ready and can be used across multiple sites.

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Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg works on unique “heat-mapping” technology that lets you see where your users are clicking on your WordPress site.

This helps you gain a better understanding of your visitor’s engagement with your website. Moreover, it helps you take data-driven steps to create attractive and engaging design.

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With code-free customization and free access, Jetpack is a great option for newbies. It enhances the performance of your webpages, loads pages faster and protects your site from unwanted malware.

This plugin lets you see all the activities on your website in an organized way.


Are you searching for a smart and simple-to-use analytics solution for your WordPress page?

Then, Matomo is an effective plugin. It comes with various attractive features, such as heat maps, form analytics, roll-up reporting, session recordings and many more. It ensures that 100% accurate data reaches you.

Audience Analytics

Audience Analytics by Quantcast is a well-known plugin for minute details of visitors on your website, such as platform usage, site traffic, visitor demographics, etc.

Moreover, it provides deeper understanding of visitor behavior, general interests and political affiliations.


Another simple, user-friendly yet powerful WordPress plugin to know your visitors better is Mixpanel.

This plugin is available for both websites and mobile applications. Its powerful user targeting system helps increase the user retention of your site. It also helps you improve user engagement by taking data-driven decisions.


With real-time tracking and analytics, Woopra is an effective tool for managing and analyzing user data.

It creates a funnel and tracks any bug that is stopping your visitors from taking an action. It helps you keep track of customer trends, their behavior and increase their retention.

Analytify – Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress

If you are looking comprehensive and fully-responsive tool for tracking and managing user data, Analytify is a good choice.

The key features of this plugin are easy installation, real-time statistics, campaign statistics, traffic data tracking, social-media statistics and a lot more.

Analytics Tracker

With a simple-to-use interface, Analytics Tracker makes it extremely easy to add tracking codes on your WordPress website.

It comes with numerous amazing features, such as AMP support, custom dimensions, effective link attribution, display features, etc.

Analytics Cat

Adding Google Analytics code to WordPress pages is just a step away with Analytics Cat. It is a lightweight, simple and fast tool to track and analyze user actions on your site.

Google Analytics code can be added in multiple ways, like embedding Google Analytics script into your WordPress theme or pasting the script to a header plugin.


CAOS is an all-in-one solution for analyzing visitor engagement and enhancing the performance of your WordPress site.

It comes with some remarkable features, like options to set cookie expiration date, change enqueue list, track administrators and tons more. It also has integration with Monster Insights plugin.

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce

If you are looking for a simple yet potent WordPress Google Analytics plugin, Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics is an effective option.

It helps you create detailed reports on user shopping behavior, product performance, sales performance and checkout behavior. This plugin is extremely easy-to-use and customize.

GA Google Analytics

GA Google Analytics is a lightweight, simple and user-friendly tool for integrating Google Analytics on your WordPress website.

It comes with exciting features like regular updates, option to enable-disable tracking, easily customizable and a lot more.

WD Google Analytics

Another simple-to-use and versatile tool for displaying Google Analytics reports on your WordPress site is WD Google Analytics.

It enables you to track user activities, analyze reports of your site’s performance and compare metrics.

Google Analytics Counter Tracker

If you are looking for a powerful plugin to display your user data in an attractive way, Google Analytics Counter Tracker is an excellent choice.

It comes with a mobile-friendly design. Moreover, it has been translated in various languages like Dutch, Japanese, French, etc.

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