20 Best WordPress Plugins for WooCommerce

With a growing affinity of shoppers for online stores, WordPress e-commerce plugins are becoming increasingly powerful, offering extensive features. WooCommerce is considered one of the top e-commerce plugins for WordPress, originally created as a fork of Jigoshop in 2011. It is one of the best solutions to rapidly turn and expand a WP site into a fully functional online store. Apart from various time-conserving features, WooCommerce supports payments through multiple secure gateways.

One of the best things about WooCommerce is the sheer number of plugins and extensions supported on the platform. Here’s my take on the 20 best plugins that will offer a range of functionalities for your e-commerce site.

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WooCommerce Customizer

One of the tools that lets you customize button texts and labels on your site, without the need for any PHP coding, is WooCommerce Customizer. You can modify the number of products displayed per page, text on the order buttons, text on the “sales” and “add to cart” buttons and check-out page or login page text.

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WooCommerce Product Details Customizer

Change the various elements of your product pages, such as product imagery and tabs, upsell and cross-sell products with open-source software called WooCommerce Product Details Customizer.

WooCommerce New Product Badge

This tool assigns a “NEW” badge on the latest products showcased on your site, to help them stand out among the rest. You can modify the number of days for which the tag remains active on the product in the catalog tab of the settings menu.

WooCommerce Custom Payment Gateway

This simple and effective plugin let your customers send you a note on payment alternatives, if they are unable to successfully pay with the existing gateway on your site. Customers are provided a gateway description message on the checkout screen, and it is possible to assign unique icons to each option. Site owners can create multiple custom payment gateways, with full control over them.

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WooCommerce Checkout Manager

WooCommerce Checkout Manager lets you customize and manage various fields on the check-out page of your website. You can add tabs like “re-order,” “billing,” “shipping address” and “re-name” to the page. In case you want to learn more about your customers’ habits, the tool will let you add an “additional details” section too.

WooCommerce Accepted Payments Method

This plugin enables you to inform your customers regarding the accepted payment methods on your site, before they can reach the check-out page. This can be displayed on any page you like, through a shortcode, widget or by adding a template tag to the theme directly.

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WooCommerce Bulk Discount

WooCommerce Bulk Discount lets you create a number of potential scenarios for offering discounts on specific products. It supports a number of possibilities, such as options to set fixed or flat discount rates in currency units, option to set discounts on individual products, option to let discounts be visible on the check-out page or the order details page, and option to show the discount hovering over the item price in a cart.

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YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier

Zoom Magnifier will let you enhance user experience by offering visitors a chance to inspect the quality of the products on-site. You can also add a slider underneath the featured images, consisting of related product images in your gallery. The zoom area can be customized too.

WooCommerce Multilingual

Expand the reach of your online store with the WooCommerce Multilingual plugin that can translate your site into multiple languages. It also allows inventory tracking, without the need to divide products into different languages.

Metrilo WooCommerce Analytics

This highly-useful tool can help you to monitor your site’s performance and optimize your marketing activities. Metrilo can automate and personalize your email marketing strategies and help you track customer habits through proper segmentation, for you to offer them the right products.

Stripe Payment Gateway

Apart from the PayPal standard, WooCommerce sites now support the Stripe Payment Gateway too. Through this tool, customers can stay on your store during the checkout process, instead of getting re-directed to a third-party hosted page. It has no set-up fees, no monthly fees and no hidden costs.

WooCommerce Menu Cart

You can add a “shopping cart” button to your navigation bar, through the WooCommerce Menu Cart plugin. The selective visibility of shopping cart icons can be customized, based on price, number or items and content of the cart.

Genesis Connect for WooCommerce

The in-built shop templates of the site are replaced by Genesis-ready versions, which allow easy customization; remaining intact even when the site is updated. It also adds SEO-support to the WooCommerce product custom post type.

WooCommerce Direct Checkout

Available in two languages, English and Chinese, the WooCommerce Direct Checkout tool simplifies the checkout process for consumers. It additionally supports multiple extensions on the platform.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices

This plugin can generate PDF invoices and packing slips, to be easily sent to customers through the WooCommerce e-mail type of your choice. You will get multiple clean and customizable PDF invoice templates, with options for advanced items table.

WooCommerce Product Gift Wrap

Add a gift-wrap option to your products at optional prices to increase sales. With this tool, you can add gift-wrap messages, default gift wrapping cost and many other such simple fields on the WooCommerce settings screen.

Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce

To enhance the post-purchase customer experience on the site, use this plugin to allow customers to choose a desired delivery date. You have the option to customize things like disabling the dates when you can’t deliver or setting a minimum time required for delivery in hours.

AfterShip – WooCommerce Tracking

This is one of the top shipment tracking plugins, available for free. It supports over 450 international courier services. AfterShip allows site owners to attach “track” buttons on the order-history page. The plugin automatically generates a tracking page for each shipment.

Woo Social Media Marketing

Promote your online store consistently on social media platforms with this automated tool that can easily calculate and take decisions with in-built analytics.

Smart Store Manager for your WooCommerce Shop

This useful plugin is an all-round solution for editing multiple product categories on your site. You can edit product variations, coupons, customer orders, etc., in an easy-to-read table interface.

WooCommerce lets you create an online store with almost any kind of functionality you like. These, along with many other plugins, offer top-notch features for an e-commerce site, beneficial to both owners and consumers.

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