20 Best WordPress Plugins for Photographers

Are you designing a WordPress site to showcase your photographs? You will need an effective plugin to share your pictures and increase web traffic on your site. Here is a list of 20 best WordPress plugins for photographers.

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Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery is one of the easiest yet powerful WordPress plugins for photographers, especially for creating attractive watermarks on your photographs. It comes with inbuilt gallery templates, drag-and-drop option to create beautiful albums and integration with social sites. It has a mobile-friendly design.

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WP Media Tracker

If you are looking for an all-in-one tool to organize and filter your photographs on WordPress, WP Media Tracker is the right option! Its highly customizable design can help you create tags for your photos and choose a display mode for your WordPress page. Moreover, it provides in-depth media research with the help of associated tags.


Searching for a WordPress plugin with unlimited sliders? With a highly responsive design, Soliloquy is an amazing tool for creating dynamic sliders. It comes with features such as photo sliders, video sliders, numerous animation styles, lightbox, thumbnail navigation and importing facilities from Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr and many more.


If you are looking for an effective tool to secure your photographs on a WordPress site, Wordfence is a great choice. It comes with a malware scanner and endpoint firewall to protect your WordPress images. It also enables you to check bad URLs, SEO spam, code injections, and other malicious files.

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Storyform is a simple yet powerful plugin that lets you create your own photo story and entice your WordPress visitors. With full-screen magazine layout and fully-responsive design, you can create multi-column articles. This plugin comes with plenty of animation styles to make your WordPress site attractive.

W3 Total Cache

Another popular WordPress plugin for photographers is W3 Total Cache. It is an excellent tool for caching search results and database in the memory and feeds like tags, comments, etc. It helps in reducing the page load time and optimizing your WordPress page.

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Lazy Load

Lazy Load is an effective solution for page load issues. It minimizes loading timed for each photo and loads the photos that are first visible to your readers. Moreover, it only loads a specific part of the article when the reader scrolls down the page.

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Easy Watermark

As the name suggests, Easy Watermark lets you create your own watermark on images in jpg, gif or png formats. It enables you to set the text size, rotation, and color of the watermark. And, it has translations in various languages such as Polish, Spanish and French.

PrePost SEO

Are you a passionate photographer and a grammar-Nazi? Then, PrePost SEO is a great WordPress plugin for you! It helps to increase the rank of your photographs by checking for the photo alt tags and enhance them for the search engine. It has amazing features including plagiarism checker, grammar checker, SEO score and a lot more.

Post Thumbnail Editor

If you often face trouble formatting thumbnail images, Post Thumbnail Editor can help you out. This plugin enables you to manually align random photos and thumbnail images. It is a great plugin for perfectionists, who want consistency in all their uploaded files.


Imsanity is a user-friendly and powerful tool that automatically adjusts the size of large images on your WordPress site. It also configures maximum width or height and jpg quality of your photographs. You just need to drop photos of any size and this plugin will take care of the scaling.

Pinterest Pin It Button

Pinterest Pin It Button is an easy-to-use and potent option to share your WordPress photos and increase your visibility. It comes with numerous attractive features, such as customizable button color and size, option to disable and enable the Pin button on portable devices. The plugin can be translated into any language.

WP Smush.it

If you want to resize, compress and optimize your WordPress photographs without spending a dime, WP Smush.it is an amazing plugin. You can scale your images without compromising on the quality of the images. Moreover, it scans your images and removes all the unnecessary data from it.


MetaSlider is a simple and easy-to-use WordPress plugin for photographers. It comes with 4 different slideshow options. Other exciting features of this plugin include intelligent image scaling, responsive design, customizability, multi-site WordPress support, inbuilt shortcodes, various widgets and much more.


With an option for online proofreading for your WordPress photos, Picu comes with lots of advanced features. It enables your readers to mark and comment on your photos and download pictures as a zip file.

Floating Social Bar

If you are looking for a lightweight and potential WordPress plugin for increase your social visibility, Floating Social Bar is a fantastic option. Its easy-to-use interface lets you display different social buttons. This plugin enables photographers to share their photographs on various social sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and many more.

Simply Instagram

What could be a better platform for photographers than Instagram? And, the Simple Instagram plugin features flexible settings for you to display your photos on WordPress. It comes with many appealing features, such as custom slideshows, shortcode generator, inbuilt media viewer and lots more.

TweetThis Shortcode

Looking for a user-friendly way to publish tweetable quotes on your WordPress site? TweetThis Shortcode is the plugin you have been looking for! With it, you can easily make picture quotes and share your pictures on Twitter to increase your web traffic.

Sell Media

Sell Media is a powerful WordPress plugin that provides photographers a platform to sell their photos. It enables you to create galleries, protect images, generate sales report and discount codes and have cloud backup.

Google Authenticator

Another popular WordPress plugin among photographers is Google Authenticator. This plugin provides an extra layer of protection for your images. It comes with two-factor authentication, which makes your login process more secure.

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