20 Best WordPress Plugins for Emojis

Did you know that now you can add attractive and engaging emojis to your WordPress site? Yes, you can make your site more appealing with the latest trends and engage your visitors by adding emotions to the feedback you receive. And, you don’t need to be extra creative or a master of coding for doing that either. All you need is a good WordPress plugin! Here’s my choice of the 20 best WordPress plugins for emojis.

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Native Emoji

If you are looking for a wonderful and effective plugin to add attractive emoticons to your WordPress website, Native Emoji is a great option for you! It comes with various fascinating features, such as easy-to-use interface, 2000+ emojis, customizable settings, intuitive design and support for custom post types.

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WP Emoji One

WP Emoji One is a simple and powerful tool for inserting open source emojis on your WordPress posts and pages. It offers an elegant and fully-responsive design, 1000+ emoticons, user-friendly settings and much more.

Super Emoji Plus+

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution for inserting attractive emojis on your WordPress website? Super Emoji Plus+ is a good option. And, you don’t need to master coding skills to use this plugin. It will do everything for you!

React & Share

With a user-friendly and highly-responsive interface, React & Share is an effective tool for getting feedback and measuring engagement on your WordPress site. This plugin offers various attractive features, such as customizable buttons, Google Analytics support, integration with HubSpot & Intercom, intuitive design and a lot more.

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Emoji Settings

If you are looking for an elegant and comprehensive tool for adding emoticons on multiple WordPress sites, Emoji Settings is an ideal option for you. This plugin comes with two filters, fully-responsive design, minimum configuration and tons more.

Speed Up – Clean WP

Another clean and light-weight plugin for getting feedback on your WordPress posts with awesome emoticons is Speed Up-Clean WP. This will enhance your site’s appeal and increase user engagement. Moreover, there is no need for configurations, this plugin will take care of everything!

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TinyMCE Smiley Button

TinyMCE Smiley Button is another remarkable choice for inserting amazing emojis and smileys on WordPress sites. It comes with numerous attractive features, such as intuitive design, customizable settings and simple-to-use interface.

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Emoji Emoticons

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution for making your WordPress website appealing by inserting attractive emoticons in it? Then, Emoji Emoticons is an effective solution for you! Developed by Guilherme Baptista, this plugin comes with a lightweight design that makes it great for newbies.

WordPress Reaction Buttons and Feedback Emoji Plugin – Emojics

Collecting feedback in a creative way is just a step away with Emojics WordPress Reaction Buttons and Feedback Emoji Plugin. It comes with astounding features like reaction button widgets, emotions analytics, lead generation, high customizability and affiliate program.

Open Source Emoji

Are you looking for an open source solution for WordPress emojis? Then, Open Source Emoji is the right answer. Since it is open source, you don’t have to worry about any legal issues while using this plugin. It will help you create an attractive blogging site. Moreover, its simple-to-use interface is great for beginners.

Local Emoji

Local Emoji is another user-friendly and effective plugin for adding fantastic emojis to your WordPress website. It is best for cache, pagespeed, etc. Created by Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International, this plugin comes with a fully-functional design and user-friendly interface.

Disable WP Emojis

With a lightweight design and simple-to-use interface, Disable WP Emojis is a comprehensive solution for adding various emoticons on your WordPress website. It also allows you to remove emojis from your site, including from emails and feeds. Its easy-to-use setting lets you disable the emojis with ease.

Zuzu Viral Reactions

Another simple yet powerful tool for inserting attractive emojis on your WordPress website is Zuzu Viral Reactions. It enables you to add responsive buttons to your page and posts. It comes with a mobile-friendly design and prevents spamming on your site. This plugin increases visitor engagement on your site.

Emoji Reactions

If you are looking for a user-friendly and effectual WordPress plugin for emojis, Emoji Reactions is a good choice for you! It supports a wide range of content such as page, posts, etc. It comes with various shortcodes and helps you track your visitor’s votes.

Simple Emoji Reactions

As the name suggests, Simple Emoji Reactions is a simple yet powerful tool for adding various attractive reactions to your WordPress site. It comes with various attractive features, such as lightweight design, intuitive and user-friendly interface and customizable settings.

Compressed Emoji

Deploying emojis on your WordPress page is just a step away with a comprehensive tool like Compressed Emoji. This powerful plugin is great for removing unnecessary things, such as metadata, hidden elements, etc. Moreover, it doesn’t need an internet connection for people who are building the site locally.

Sharon’s Shortcode Emojis

Are you looking for a fast and simple way to insert numerous emojis on your WordPress site? Then, Sharon’s Shortcode Emojis is the plugin you’ve been looking for! It uses shortcodes to show emojis and lets you add attractive emoticons on your pages or posts, without any hassle.


Another very popular WordPress plugin for emojis is the Emojin plugin. It comes with smart features to convert an emoticon from iOS. Other than this, it also offers features like high customizability, user-friendly interface, intuitive design, numerous emojis and a lot more.


With an intuitive layout and fully-functional design, Emojized is an effective tool for making your WordPress page more attractive and interactive. It comes with various astounding features like elegant design, highly customizable settings and simple-to-use interface.

Big Emoji Comments

A widely used tool for adding emoticons on your WordPress website, Big Emoji Comments enables you to make emojis bigger and create spaces between various emojis. It comes with a customizable design and user-friendly interface.

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