20 Best WordPress Lightbox Plugins

The fact that images and videos make a WordPress site very appealing canโ€™t be denied. You can transform your mundane website into an elegant and engaging one with an effective lightbox plugin. Hereโ€™s a list of the 20 best WordPress lightbox plugins.

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Simple Lightbox

One of the most popular WordPress Lightbox plugins is Simple Lightbox. It comes with a mobile-responsive design and simple-to-use interface. Other fascinating features of this plugin are keyboard navigation, supports image attachments, customizable themes, infinite add-ons and many more.

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Lightbox Ultimate

Lightbox Ultimate is another lightweight and user-friendly WordPress Lightbox plugin. It provides full control on lightbox functions like zoom, autoplay, download and many more. Moreover, it has advanced features that let you customize the color and size of every element in the lightbox.

Lightbox Gallery Slider

With a fully-responsive design and easy-to-use interface, Lightbox Gallery Slider is an efficient choice for newbies. It offers various appealing features like various animation effects, multiple design layouts, option to add unlimited images, multiple shortcodes and a lot more.

Simple Lightbox Gallery

If you are looking for a simple yet effective tool for adding unlimited galleries to your WordPress site, Simple Lightbox Gallery is a great option. It comes with a fully-responsive design and high customizability. Moreover, this plugin is compatible with latest various browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla, etc.

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Lightbox by Supsystic

Lightbox by Supsystic is another user-friendly and powerful tool for creating a lightbox with different media files on your WordPress website. It offers numerous appealing features like multisite support, responsive design and various lightbox effects. And, its simple interface is an ideal choice for beginners.

Little LightBox by WPPARSE

With various effects like fadeIn, fadeOut, elasticIn and more, Little Lightbox is an extremely user-friendly WordPress lightbox plugin. It offers various astounding features including intuitive design, simple-to-use interface, numerous effects, high customizability and a lot more. It also works with all popular browsers.

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Advanced Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

Are you looking for a Facebook promoter lightbox for your WordPress site? Then, Advanced Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox is a good choice for you! The top features of this plugin are option set the frequency of the lightbox, customizability the size of the lightbox, zoom-out effect and a lot more.

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Hover Effects

If you are looking for an effective tool to add attractive captions to your lightbox, Hover Effects is the plugin that you have been searching for! The key features of this plugin include 20 unique effects, external linking, unlimited layouts, options to add title and description, etc. Make your WordPress site more alluring with this plugin.

Easy FancyBox

Easy FancyBox is an all-in-solution for adding aesthetic and customizable lightbox to your WordPress site. It offers various remarkable features, such as WP 3+ compatibility, easy to manage, intuitive design, automatic detection of media galleries and links, multiple animation effects, high customizability, etc.

FooBox Image Lightbox

With advanced settings and highly responsive design, FooBox Image Lightbox plugin is a comprehensive tool for inserting attractive images to your WordPress posts. The main features of this plugin are responsive layout, zero configurations, works with captions and galleries and tons more.

WordPress Lightbox Plugin by Lightbox Bank

Lightbox Bank is a mobile-friendly, retina ready and highly powerful WordPress lightbox plugin. It offers various alluring features, including hassle-free settings, zero configurations, fully-responsive design, work with WordPress galleries, etc.

Lightbox CSS3

Are you looking for a simple-to-use yet powerful WordPress lightbox plugin? Then, Lightbox CSS3 plugin is a great option. It provides high performance on mobile devices, low memory footprint, intuitive design, highly customizable settings and much more. Moreover, it is extremely fast and reliable tool.

Gallery Manager

If you are looking for an effective gallery management tool with responsive lightbox, Gallery Manager is the right answer. It comes numerous features, such as multiple taxonomies, support for comments, support for menu system, organize galleries and more. This plugin will surely increase the number of visitors to your WordPress site by making it more attractive.

Responsive Lightbox

Another very lightweight and popular WordPress lightbox plugin is Responsive Lightbox. As its name suggests, it comes with a highly-responsive design that makes it an ideal choice for newbies. It offers numerous appealing features like automatic insertion of the lightbox, high customizability, etc.

WordPress Colorbox Lightbox

WordPress Colorbox Lightbox plugin is an all-in-solution for creating and adding attractive lightbox on your WordPress website. The top features of this plugin are attractive popup style, multisite support, various shortcodes, options to create lightbox link and a lot more. This plugin will surely transform your WordPress site into an elegant one.

WP Video Lightbox

Are you looking for a user-friendly and comprehensive tool for displaying videos on your WordPress site? There nothing more effective than WP Video Lightbox for this. This powerful plugin can be used to showcase images, videos, iFrame, YouTube, etc., in a lightbox style.

Responsive Gallery

As the name suggests, Responsive Gallery is a fully-responsive and powerful tool for inserting an attractive photo gallery in the most beautiful way. It comes with various attractive features like two design-layout, various animation effects, option to add multiple gallery, easy-to-use dashboard and a lot more.

blueimp lightbox

The blueimp lightbox plugin comes with a unique touch-enable and mobile-friendly design. This plugin offers numerous attractive features, such as keyboard navigation, slideshow functionality, mouse navigation, transition effects, full-screen option and gallery lightbox functionality.

WP Lightbox 2

WP Lightbox 2 is a comprehensive and professional-looking tool for adding a lightbox to your WordPress website. It offers various features, including ease of installation, compatibility with all modern browsers and various themes, option to use lightbox in comments, various animation effects and a lot more.

Nimble Portfolio

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution for adding attractive photographs and logos to your WordPress website, Nimble Portfolio is a powerful solution. It comes with a responsive design, in-built beautiful lightbox, mobile-friendly design, high customizability and tons more.

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