20 Best WordPress Database Plugins

If you have too many plugins running or have loads of posts and other databases, your WordPress site could become slower. That is why you need a database plugin to collect and manage your data. Here’s my list of the 20 best WordPress database plugins.

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WP Clean Optimizer

If you are looking for an easy-to-use and efficient database plugin, WP Clean Optimizer is an ideal solution. The additional features of this plugin include multi-lingual, login security, block and unblock IP addresses, visitor details and tons more. It also helps you track visitors with maximum logins and records live traffic details.

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Search and Replace

Search and Replace is a simple yet powerful solution for collecting and maintaining databases of your WordPress visitors. It is an effective plugin to search for post content, meta-data, ID, author of comments, tags and other important categories.

iThemes Security

Another popular plugin to secure the database of your WordPress site is iThemes Security. This plugin enables you to detect 404 errors, file changes, and bad users. It enables you to create database backups and enforce strong passwords. Moreover, it provides email notifications when a visitor is locked out of your site.

Edit Any Table

If you are looking for a user-friendly plugin to search, add, delete or edit your database, Edit Any Table is a great choice. You can integrate this plugin as a dashboard widget to collect and manage records of your visitors.

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BackWPup is an efficient and free plugin that enables you to store your data on Dropbox, Rackspace, or on your devices, etc. Some of its cool features include file backup, check and restore database, optimize database and many others. It allows you to plan automatic backups, according to your website’s update frequency.

User Login History

User Login History is a simple yet powerful plugin to record visitor details, such as login time, log out time, user ID, user name, online status and a lot more. It provides additional features, such as preferable time zone, shortcode creation, multisite network, advanced search option, and CSV support.

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WP Backitup Backup Plugin

If you are looking for easy-to-use plugin to collect and manage WordPress databases, WP Backitup Backup Plugin is an amazing option. It builds a backup for every post, revision, theme and setting. It comes with features like fast backup option, backup cancellation and an option to download your backup.

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User Meta Manager

User Meta Manager is simple and user-friendly plugin for collecting and managing visitor data. It enables you to not just add and edit the user database but also lets you create forms with shortcodes, which helps you update your visitor’s meta data. The free version of this plugin allows you to list up to 100 users.

All in One WP Security & Firewall

If you are looking for a comprehensive, efficient and user-friendly database plugin, All in One WP Security & Firewall is an ideal option. It allows you to monitor the login activity of your users and facilitates manual approval of user accounts.

Participants Database

As its name indicates, Participants Database is an effective plugin to collect and maintain a database of your visitors. Other features of this plugin include customizable shortcodes, customizable forms for creating an effective database, fully configurable records and much more.


Another effective tool for maintaining your WordPress database is WP-Optimize. It helps you remove unnecessary records, control optimizations and shows database statistics. Moreover, it is a mobile-friendly plugin and can be translated into various languages.

WP Admin Tools

A great option for newbies, WP Admin Tools is a comprehensive and user-friendly plugin for collecting and maintaining records of WordPress visitors. This plugin provides complete SEO optimization and data clean up. Moreover, it helps you detect spam and avoid fake content.

WP Migrate DB

WP Migrate DB helps you export the database as a MySQL data dump, handles sequential data and then enables you to save the database on your system. Other features include sauvegardes, filter posts, export database, delete useless data and solid security.


Duplicator is another efficient database WordPress plugin for beginners. It enables easy transfer from one post to another, migrate WordPress sites and build a package of WordPress themes, files and database. The pro version of this plugin enables you to schedule backups and email notifications.


Another simple yet powerful plugin for collecting, storing and managing visitor databases on WordPress is VaultPress. This is a real time backup and security skimming plugin that can operate numerous WordPress sites. Moreover, it protects your site against hackers, accidental damage, host outages and malware.

WP Cleaner Pro

If you are looking for an easy-to-use plugin to optimize your WordPress database, WP Cleaner Pro is an efficient choice. It can clean about 25 types of data and has mobile-friendly records. Another notable feature of this plugin is that it can instantly clean the trash comments, spam, duplicate comments, track backs and other unnecessary files.


As the name suggests, WP-Sweep is an effective WordPress plugin that manages your site and cleans useless data, such as revisions, duplicate posts, deleted comments, spam comments and unapproved posts.

WP Clean Up

WP Clean Up is one of the most popular options for managing WordPress databases. It helps you clean up your database by deleting revisions, spam comments, orphan comments, drafts and many other unnecessary files.


If you are looking for a plugin to effectively manage your WordPress database without spending a penny, UpdraftPlus is a great choice. It enables you to build a complete backup for your WordPress files and store them on the cloud or download them to your computer. Its pro version has various other features, including add-ons to migrate files, search and replace files, etc.


Another powerful plugin for managing your WordPress files is BackupBuddy. Not just your database, BackupBuddy manages your other files by creating backups for various files, such as deleted files, core files, themes, comments, images, videos and many more. Moreover, it secures your WordPress site against from hackers, malware, bad commands and server crashes.

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