20 Best WordPress Calendar Plugins

The importance of events for a company canโ€™t be overstated. And, to turn your events into a major success, you need to have an efficient and powerful tool to create beautiful and attractive event calendars. Here, I have compiled a list of 20 best WordPress calendar plugins.

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EventOn – WordPress Event Calendar

One of the most widely used WordPress calendar plugins is Event-On – WordPress Event Calendar. It comes with various attractive features, like distinctive shortcode generator, options to schedule multiple events, options to add event photos, Google Map integration and tons more.

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Simple Calendar

With an attractive design and fully-responsive user interface, Simple Calendar is an efficient choice for newbies. It enables you to create customized event calendars and display multiple calendars, sorting them into categories. Moreover, it lets you add event details, such as name of the attendees, RSVP status, etc.


Inserting an event calendar on your WordPress page becomes easy with Bookly. You can create and manage booking calendars, schedule appointment with ease, get email and text notifications, get reminders and define various categories like services, date, etc.

Booking Calendar

If you are looking for a simple-to-use booking management tool, Booking Calendar is a smart choice. It is highly customizable and offers various features like responsive design, easy admin panel, flexible functionality and lets you accept or decline appointments.

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WP Simple Booking Calendar

As the name suggests, WP Simple Booking Calendar lets you display the availability of various services on your WordPress site. Its simple yet effective user interface makes it a good choice for beginners. If you are running a hospitality business, this plugin will let your visitors know about the availability of rooms, beds, etc.

All-in-One Event Calendar

All-in-One Event Calendar is another very popular plugin for creating and sharing events on your WordPress website. It helps you create complex patterns, categories and color-coded designs for reoccurring events. It comes with Google Maps integration and inbuilt calendar theme editor.

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My Calendar

Another comprehensive and user-friendly tool for creating appealing event calendars for your WordPress site is My Calendar. It comes with fascinating features, such as custom templates, calendar grid, option for creating mini-calendar and multi-site friendly configuration.

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Timetable Responsive Schedule For WordPress

Timetable Responsive Schedule For WordPress is a professional-looking and comprehensive tool for creating attractive events calendar. It comes with a user-friendly layout and free updates for a lifetime. Moreover, it enables you to generate a pdf format of your event calendar.

Events Calendar Registration & Booking

Another easy-to-use yet potent WordPress calendar plugin is Events Calendar Registration & Booking. It offers various remarkable features like Jquery tooltip, responsive design, high customizability, countdown timer, social sharing options, event thumbnails and a lot more.


If you are looking for a simple, smart and user-friendly way to create event calendars and publish it on your WordPress site, Calendarize.it is a great choice for you! Other remarkable features of this plugin are custom buttons, events countdown, importer, map view of events, grid view of events, taxonomy labels, option to color code the events and many more.

The Events Calendar

The Event Calendar is a simple yet efficient tool for making your own event calendar and administering it with ease. Its pro version comes with various amazing features, such as automatic imports, tickets sales, taxonomy of events, high customizability and many more.

Goo Calendar

Another efficient and simple-to-use tool to create a wide range of static and dynamic event calendars is Goo Calendar. It lets you create your own calendar style and set your display function. With this plugin, your visitors will definitely remember your events.

Chronosly Event Calendar

Chronosly Event Calendar is another efficient and popular choice among people who wish to create and manage events calendars on their WordPress site. It comes with 10+ customizable views, custom templates and mobile-friendly interface.

Business Calendar

Are you looking for a simple yet powerful tool for creating and sharing your events? Then, Business Calendar is an ideal choice. With smooth tooltips, you can easily add and track your Facebook events on your WordPress site. It also comes with event reminders and an intelligent inviting system.

Facebook Events Calendar

What can be more powerful than creating and publishing your Facebook events on your WordPress site? Facebook Events Calendar is an all-in-one solution for doing that. With two layout options, this plugin has various other benefits, such as responsive design, customizability, user-friendly interface, etc.

Responsive Event Scheduler for WordPress

If you are looking for a simple and user-friendly way to create impressive schedules for your events, Responsive Event Scheduler for WordPress is a good choice. It is best if you are scheduling events such as concerts, conferences, meetings, workshops, exhibitions, etc. It comes with an elegant and extremely customizable layout.

Colorful Calendar

The very name of this plugin indicates that it offers a bright and colorful layout. Colorful Calendar is lightweight and extremely customizable tool that lets you set the color and font for each cell in your event calendar. Its easy-to-use interface makes it a good choice for newbies.

WordPress Multiple Events Calendar with Countdown

An efficient calendar plugin can increase the number of visitors and transform your event into a success. WordPress Multiple Events Calendar with Countdown is one such plugin! It comes with minimalistic design, countdown timer, option to create unlimited events and many more.


Creating stunning event calendars and managing them on your WordPress site is just a step away with CoSchedule plugin. With highly customizable designs, it offers features such as email marketing integration, project timelines, discussion threads, inbuilt social publishing, reusable templates and a lot more.

Sugar Events Calendar

Sugar Event Calendar is a simple, easy-to-use and effective WordPress calendar plugin. It has numerous exciting features, such as option to set start and end time of the event, various shortcodes, events archive, customizable and has been translated into languages like German, Swedish, French, etc.

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