20 Best WordPress Cache Plugins

Caching in WordPress has several benefits. For starters, it enhances the speed and performance of the website and also helps reduce the load on hosting servers. Here are some of the best WordPress plugins in random order, which can make site optimization an easy task.

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WP Super Cache

With over a million active installations, the popular WP Super Cache plugin helps generate static HTML files for WP sites. It is highly customizable and can be synced with your CDN service. Super-cached static file could be offered by PHP too. You can cache pages for known users and URLs with feed.

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W3 Total Cache

This free and open-source caching plugin works well for mobile-friendly sites as well as desktop versions. It provides bandwidth savings through minimizations, feed optimization and HTTP compression. The tool promises greater than 10 times improvement in overall site performance, once configured fully.

Comet Cache

Comet Cache is available in both free and paid versions. It features high-speed configurations and good back-end for setting up caching within minutes. The paid version enables automatic caching and intelligent clearing.

Cache Enabler

Cache Enabler claims to be the first WP plugin that enables you to offer WebP images even without the need for JavaScript. It is popular for its easy configuration and simple-to-use interface.

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WP Rocket

This one is a premium tool, with three paid versions. It is quite a favorite among developers and has a dashboard for beginners as well. It provides CloudFlare compatibility, which helps in site optimization.

WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is available both in free and paid versions. It helps you to minimize and combine JavaScript and CSS. Caching is done separately from image optimization, which gives you an idea on space saving.

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Hyper Cache

You can run Hyper Cache on any type of WP blog. It runs solely on PHP, which means lesser complex configurations. It has mobile-centric functionalities too, such as detecting whether a site has been converted into a mobile version or not.

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Simple Cache

Ideal for people who do not have any coding experience, Simple Cache enables GZip compression and Memcached and Redis support. It is extremely easy to delete; without breaking the website. Without the presence of an extensive array of settings, this plugin is ideal for beginners.

Borlabs Cache

Borlabs Cache claims to be a tool that can enable your WP site to load in milliseconds. This premium tool supports fragment caching and lazy loading. You can also enable settings to delete cache after a certain time period. It enables you to create archives of your post types.

Fresh Performance Cache

Minimize, compress, combine and cache your files with Fresh Performance Cache to improve load time. The tool offers intelligent combining of cache files, which is done in the original order. Other features include a white label admin panel that leaves no branding or advertising.

Fast Google Cache

Fast Google Cache is a premium tool that enables browser caching and compatibility with WooCommerce sites too. This easy-to-use tool has a cache control system and a user-friendly interface as well. It reduces server response time and HTTP request time, to make your website gain on search engine rankings.


As an all-rounder tool, the Jetpack plugin by WordPress.com does far more than just caching sites. Packed with intuitive and powerful customization tools, it enables lazy loading, integration with official WP mobile apps, PayPal payment buttons, automated social media scheduling and posting and protects the website from force attacks.

Quick Cache

Quick Cache plugin can be easily setup, using detailed documentation. Other features include caching 404 requests, Atom Feed and RDF caching, RSS caching and client side caching as well. You can set expiry time for deleting cached files.

AIO Cache

AIO Cache is a fast and effective tool to increase the performance of WP sites. It can enable simple page and file caching, deflate and GZip compression and has simple static resources. It is an open-source tool, and can be installed in a quick and simple manner.

Gator Cache

Gator Cache can help you to update the latest content automatically in the cache, so that the site remains fast and fresh. One of the most beneficial features of this plugin is its compatibility with multiple platforms, including Autoptimize, JetPack Mobile Site, WPMinifyFix, WordPress Multisite and WooCommerce.


This powerful multi-tasking plugin comes with firewall, 2-factor authentication and 2 caching modes. Wordfence plugin identifies and blocks spam and malicious traffic to WP sites. The premium version has real-time IP blacklists, malware signature updates and real-time firewall protection.

Alpha Cache

The Alpha Cache open-source plugin allows users to create lists of the URLs that are not to be cached and specific configurations like caching only the anonymous users. It caches the web page requests and preserves the static HTML code in the database for visitors.

WordPress Booster

WordPress Booster is a premium tool that checks if a page contains cached content. It offers GZip compression and enables post-level cache management. Although a premium option, it is reasonably priced as compared to many other options out there. It is compatible with multiple browsers.


This tool will lend your website with a loading progress indicator on display during page loads. Easy to install and configure, MelonHTML5 is a good option for those with no coding backgrounds. It can automatically detect invalid and cached images, without the need for additional HTTP requests. It supports all web browsers and mobile devices.


A premium cache WP plugin, Astero also provides stunning weather forecasts for your web applications. It can increase the loading speed of a website by enabling HTML5 caching and minimizing HTTP requests. It also provides options for custom image backgrounds and three styles to embed HTML5 videos in it.

Caching plugins are great for someone who manages their own servers or are on shared hosting. Moreover, they enhance user-experience, which is always a good thing.

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