10 Best Video Editing Software for Android, iPhone, Mac & PC (Reviews & Comparison)

Looking to edit videos easily? Don’t worry about buying expensive and complex software. Many amazing free or low-cost mobile video editing applications exist to help you make professional-looking videos on your phone or tablet.

Do you want to learn video editing to stay up with the expanding video trend? Don’t fret! A newbie might use any of the aforementioned software programs.

Consider your budget, present skill level, and time commitment to acquiring a new skill. Whether you’re seeking the best video editing software for YouTube or you’ve been tasked with improving your team’s video marketing strategy, don’t delay! Make one of these video editing tools yours.

Here are the best video editors for all platforms.

First, the best video editing software for mobile (Android & iPhone).

Why mobile video editing software?

  • Works on mobile phones.
  • Comes with free versions or is less expensive.
  • Does basic video editing meant for social media.
  • Best for YouTubers and vloggers.
  • Complex editing features might be missing.
  • Several social media packages are available (like text effects, filters etc)

1. Quik – Easy video editor for mobile

GoPro’s Quik is one of the greatest free video editing applications for Android. With the Quik app, you can make amazing films in seconds.

Automate transitions, effects, and beat-synced themes to produce breathtaking cuts. Quik automates most of the editing for you, but you may adjust tiny elements.

Quik has received an overall rating of 4.4/5 from 476,637 people.

Quik is a free video editor for Android.


  • Supports motion pictures
  • Take 75 images or videos from your phone, computer, or GoPro Plus.
  • Unlimited high-quality backup
  • GPS Stickers for GoPro video speed
  • AI-powered face, movement, and sound detection. Correctible by hand
    Themes for every event
    Edit videos, add text overlays or modify video speed.
  • Videos in square, portrait, or movie
  • 100+ free songs or add your own – HD 1080p output
  • QuikStories β€” works with the GoPro App and creates great films from recent media.
  • Backup your GoPro video with the PRO version.

2. Filmr – Simple video editor for mobile

Filmr is an easy-to-use video editing tool for Android and iOS. Its easy-to-use design makes it ideal for both novice and experienced video makers. You can use transitions, effects, filters, and other tools to make a boring video seem interesting. Filmr is the place to go for speed, agility, and a premium aesthetic.

Filmr has a 4.4/5 average rating from 8,126 reviews and over 1 million downloads on Google Play.

It is free to make videos with an InVideo watermark. Paid plans begin at $15/month.


  • Import as many images/videos as you want – Smooth and distinctive video transitions
    Fonts to make writing pop out
  • Change video format easily: 16:9, 4:3, 9:16, and square (1:1)
  • Exclusive filters and effects to modify videos


  • Filmr has no adverts!
  • Unlike other programmes, it offers a vertical editing timeline.
  • Drag and drop films, images, and audio files to rearrange
  • Search for any song or add music from your current files.
  • Remove watermark by viewing an ad or becoming PRO – Reverse, Rotate and Flip films with one press.
  • Export to gallery or social networking app.
  • Customise the length of text on video on the text bar.


  • Cannot record a voice-over directly on the app.
  • Cannot adjust the video quality before saving It does not support many languages.

And now the most popular and expensive, mainstream professional video editing software.

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Best Professional Video Editing Software

These video editing software is used by professionals in studio environments and needs a bit of learning to get started with.

What to expect from professional video editing software

  • Is usually expensive with licenses.
  • Need to download software and verify license.
  • Needs high performing machines to run. (iMac, gaming laptops etc)
  • Comes with Hollywood-level visual effects and features.
  • Might be an overkill for social media uses.
  • Might have to download plugins for additional use cases.

3. Adobe Premiere – Most popular video editor

Premiere Pro is our top option for video editing software. Professionals throughout the world rely on its user-friendly design and comprehensive feature set. Because of the cost (Premiere Pro starts at $29.99 a month), it’s perfect for those who plan to perform a lot of video editing.

The best video editing program for most people is Adobe Premiere Elements, which is cross-platform and easy to use.

It employs Adobe’s Sense.ai artificial intelligence to make editing simpler. Its Guided Edits function helps newbie filmmakers understand the process, and it now supports 4K resolutions and stabilized footage. Upgrades include selectable editing, double exposure footage, and real-time effects.

But it lacks capabilities like 360-degree video editing and Multicam editing. But of all the video editing tools we’ve used, Adobe’s is the most complete.


  • Compatible with Mac and PC.
  • Easy to use, plenty of tutorials available.
  • 4K support.

4. CyberLink PowerDirector 365 – Cheaper alternative to Premiere

CyberLink PowerDirector is now accessible for Mac and Windows users, offering a spectacular array of fun, powerful video editing tools to a new audience.

PowerDirector 365 ($69.99/year) is a subscription model that includes Shutterstock integration, unrestricted access to CyberLink’s background music and video editing plugins. (A comprehensive comparison is here.)

The Windows version of PowerDirector 365 contains more features and capabilities than the Mac version, therefore Mac users may wish to utilise another product. Importing 360-degree photographs and movies isn’t supported. But there’s still plenty here to pique interest.


  • Lightning-fast rendering
  • Great list of pre-made effects

5. Corel VideoStudio – An economical video editor

Corel has long been a rival to Adobe in video editing software and continues to do so with VideoStudio Ultimate for Windows.

VideoStudio is a sophisticated yet simple-to-use programme for anyone who wants to generate basic films quickly. There are over 2,000 effects, better lens-correction capabilities, and 3D text editing available in its simple yet attractive interface. Our main concern is that it’s exclusively for Windows and you can’t modify your workspace like other tools.


  • Extensive editing features
  • Split-screen video editing facilitates

6. Apple iMovie – Free video editing software for Mac users

Apple iMovie – The goto default video editor for Mac users. It has professional trailers and themes, lots of special effects, and an easy-to-learn interface. It’s also free, so it’s a perfect place to start or conduct basic video editing. iMovie now supports 4K editing and sharing, as well as 1080p 60 fps video. A new interface update enabled Touch Bar compatibility for the newest MacBooks.

iMovie also allows you to edit on an iPad while working on the same project on a Mac laptop or desktop. It’s a great feature for those that need it.

7. Lightworks – Hollywood level video editing

Consider that the Pro version was used to make award-winning films like Pulp Fiction, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Jerry Maguire – LightWorks is the video editing software that’ll take you to the Hollywood level.

Even the free version contains powerful capabilities like audio editing, VFX, colour tweaks, and more. However, output is limited to 720p, which is OK for a family movie but not for anything more serious.

For $24/month or $240/year, you get 4K output, the Boris Graffiti plugin, more import options, advanced project sharing, timeline rendering, and more. For $390, you can have all of the above plus Boris FX.

The UI is different from other applications, but it’s still simple enough for a beginner to learn with the aid of the many tutorials. It also works on practically every platform, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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Best Video Editing Software for YouTube

Next up we have the less expensive video editing software that most of us can use for vlogging and YouTube editing purposes.

8. Wondershare Filmora – Best video editing software for YouTubers

Filmora9 by Wondershare is one of the best video editing programs for beginners. It includes a basic, clean, and straightforward interface with many effects and filters that can be added to film (YouTubers rejoice). The royalty-free sound collection with effects and music allows for effortless expression.

It lacks pro capabilities like motion tracking, multicam, and VR, but it’s not meant for the same audience or skill level. It also doesn’t cost a lot. The complete edition, with no watermark and full user support, costs only $59.99.

Filmora9 is an excellent choice for beginners who want to learn the ropes using a basic yet powerful program that won’t break the wallet.

9. DaVinci Resolve – Free alternative to Premiere

To get the most out of DaVinci Resolve, you’ll need a PC with separate graphics. DaVinci now includes Fusion, a standalone programme that has four high-end video editing, colour correction, audio production, and video effects and motion graphics modules.

DaVinci is a strong yet complex program. If the 256-page manual doesn’t scare you, high-level aficionados will discover plenty of tools.

DaVinci Resolve 17 offers a big improvement to Fairlight, the audio editing workspace. It also allows free users to participate in a project concurrently, which was previously paid for. For editors that need to turn projects around fast, the previous editions added a Neural Engine that leverages machine learning for things like facial recognition and speed warp, as well as a new Cut Page.

10. Lumen 5 – Video editor for bloggers

As a tool, Lumen5 promotes blog entries as social promotions. While the procedure isn’t flawless, and you may need to tweak your blog material to your liking, the remainder of the movie-making process is simple. Add some music, some gifs, screengrabs, or video clips, and your interesting social video is ready for Facebook and Twitter.

11. Shotcut – Good legacy video editing software

Shotcut – It’s a great free video editor for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The shortcut works like its costly counterparts – you drag video and audio clips onto the timeline and apply effects and subtitles. Then you may save it as a video.

12. HitFilm Express – Powerful video editing features

HitFilm Express – This free video processing program is meant for individuals who need a powerful range of capabilities. It has several handy tools and built-in templates that make it easy to edit video footage. Create a video and export it in high quality.

13. Blender – Open source, free video editing software

Blender – It is a free editor for 3D graphics. The package’s cross-platform capability, open-source code, accessibility, and usefulness made it a hit with both novices and professionals.
This app’s main function is video editing, but it’s strong. Blender runs on Mac, PC, and Linux. But it lacks control over video output and supported file types.

Best Online Video Editors

Lately, we have seen a bunch of new-age video editing tools show up that will let you edit videos online without downloading any software or paying hefty licenses.

Features of online video editing tools.

  • Less expensive.
  • No downloads.
  • Can save projects online.
  • Access files from anywhere.
  • Optimized for web.
  • Movie-grade features may be missing.
  • Meant for social media uses.

Here are some of the best online video editing software.

14. inVideo

InVideo stands apart since it is entirely cloud-based. You never need to download software or lose progress. Fully browser-based, the editor stands up nicely with transitions, stickers, frames, and other features.

Beginners may utilize any of the platform’s 4000+ templates, while skilled users can create from scratch. The 8Mn+ iStock catalog also helps.

Even on the Free plan, InVideo videos have no watermark. InVideo is a wonderful choice for beginners who don’t want to spend a fortune on software.

15. Veedstudio

The Veed Studio video editor created waves in the industry for combining efficiency and simplicity. The web-based utility is portable and does not require installation.

The GUI is simple and tidy (only one button for Settings, Brand Kit, and Billing), but the functions are powerful.

For all of these reasons, it tops our list of best YouTube video editing software.

16. Kapwing

Kapwing – This free online video editor has all the fundamental video editing features.

You may use Kapwing to crop and edit video footage, apply transitions, overlay pictures and music, and make subtitles.

It also enables teams, allowing producers to edit videos together in real-time.

17. Flixier

Flixier is an online video editor. The primary advantage of cloud video editing is that all video processing/rendering is done on the cloud on their servers, eliminating the need for a high-end computer.

Also, you may start a YouTube video editing job on one computer and finish it on another.

18. WeVideo

The structure of WeVideo’s online video editor is comparable to traditional editing tools and may be difficult for new YouTube video editors to understand.

Besides simple editing and splitting, it has stock film and audio, green screen and slow motion, simultaneous screen and camera recording, and Twitter and Facebook connectivity.

Video Editing Software for Mobile Phones

You can build magnificent movies that will amaze your viewers using the greatest video editing software. For less than $100, you can acquire advanced tools that enable even novice video producers to create effects, apply gorgeous filters, and trim intricate situations.

Today’s Play Store has an increasing number of Android video editors. Choosing the finest video editing software for Android might be overwhelming unless you know precisely what you need.

Video editing on an Android phone might be tough. Editing videos on Android smartphones is undoubtedly handy, but the capabilities and features are generally very restricted.

These video editors are also more powerful, simpler to use, and more readily available than was previously thought. But you must still select intelligently. Because not every video editing software is created equal, you must carefully consider your demands.

You may need to edit a video shot with your Android smartphone to improve its quality. This post will show you two methods to edit movies taken with your Android phone. For sophisticated editing, you may easily import footage from your Android phone into desktop video editing software. The alternative is to edit utilizing free Android video editor applications.

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