4 Best MailChimp Alternatives (2020)

If you’ve been using MailChimp and is looking for a better, cheaper alternative, you need to watch this video. Let’s go.

MailChimp is an extremely popular email marketing tool. From back in early 2000s to today, it’s been the go-to tool when it comes to emails for bloggers, startups and even some big companies. The reason I personally believe is that MailChimp is super easy to use. Like, its probably the only tool in the category that is this easy to use and provides a good experience for it’s users. Be it in the UI or the branding or the consistency in the way they communicate, it’s a pleasure to use.

But it has a problem. It is expensive and has notorious limits. When you compare features, there are so many more better tools out there that out-do MailChimp. In terms of price as well as features. Let’s take a look at some of the best MailChimp alternatives out there.

Number one is ConvertKit

If you’re a blogger, you will love ConvertKit. It recently launched the free plan wherein you can have all its features with a limit of 500 subscribers. That is an incredible offer. Compared to MailChimp, ConvertKit has better features that today’s marketers need, like landing page builders, CTAs, custom domain, segmentation and more. It is built in such a way that you can offer different sign up forms to different segments of your audience, split and organize your audience by tags and sent emails differently for each segment or tags. This is an amazing way to send relevant emails to your audience.If you’ve used MailChimp you know that their support and quality of service sucks, and that’s something ConvertKit does better. Great customer support and community.

Number two is  SendinBlue

SendinBlue is an amazing alternative to MailChimp in the sense that it can be a lot more cheaper especially if you’re sending many emails. SendinBlue basically combines two things together. The simplicity of building and sending emails – just like in good old MailChimp. And two, the personalization and customization options in modern email tools. It has a simple drag and drop interface for creating emails, but that’s not a big deal, most old generation email tools also have this feature now. They also have SMS marketing options, landing page builders and the regular bells and whistles. But their pricing is very competitive. I don’t think they’re the best out there, but as someone who’s been using them for the last four years, I’m so impressed by their efforts. They’ve come a long way and today is a big competition to some of the biggest dinosaurs out there in the market including MailChimp. Check out SendinBlue – the link is in the description below.

Third on the list is Robly.

Robly is an under-dog among email marketing tools. MailChimp being super popular, overshadows other tools in the category, even if they have better features. Robly is one such. Not many people know about them but the tool is a powerhouse. One of their unique features is one they call the “Open Boosting Technology”. According to which emails are guaranteed to be open more. In a traditional email marketing tool, you might have to manually do all the dead email removing, tagging etc, but Robly, does it automatically. That’s their whole focus. And you’d think they are priced higher than the traditional tools for all these features. No, they’re very competitive and in some cases, cheaper. I love the tool. Check it out, the link is in the description below.

Number four is MooSend

Anyways, MooSend is a very interesting tool that lets you do a lot more than just email marketing. But it’s email marketing feature is so powerful and just what bloggers and startups need. The key is personalization. By personalization, I don’t mean adding customers’ first name to emails, No. That is so 90s. Moosend does some advanced personalization that lets you send emails to relevant customers. As for pricing they have a Free forever plan that has access to most of their features (not all) but even their paid plan is only like $8 per month to start out with. Amazingly competitive and big in value compared to MailChimp. Check it out, the link is in the description below.

So there you have it guys, four amazing alternatives to MailChimp. If you’re trying to lower the costs, growing bigger and need more features than MailChimp these four email marketing tools are great alternatives. One of them should work for you. Im sure.

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