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Learn Blogging – https://manikarthik.com/blogging 

1. Moz – https://academy.moz.com/

2. SEMRush Training & Certification – https://manikarthik.com/learn

3. Yoast – https://yoast.com/academy/all-around-seo-training/

4. Conversion XL – https://cxl.com/institute/career-change/

5. Ahrefs Business Blogging Course -https://ahrefs.com/academy/blogging-for-business

Hey there this is Mani Karthik here, welcome to another episode. Today, I’ll show you how you can get certified as a digital marketing expert by taking free courses online. Yes, Free as in beer. Many of these courses are reputed and usually paid, but because of the unusual situation now, they’re offering it for free. Let’s see what they are.

So, as we all know, because of the pandemic, most countries are going in to lockdown. India has a 21 day lockdown and most people are stuck at home. If you think productively, may be you can use this time to acquire a new skill. And what better than digital marketing – one of the skills that is in heavy demand in the market.

Many top institutes and marketing agencies have been generous and are offering their top digital marketing courses online for free as a special gesture during these tough times.

So, if you put some time behind it, you might be able to come out of this lockdown situation as an expert in digital marketing. It’ll help you start a work from home online job or even help you in your career path.

So, let’s see which are the top free digital marketing courses online.

Number one is Moz.

Moz is a popular SEO (search engine optimization) software and the team behind it are pioneers in SEO research and education. They’ve been one of the firsts in the industry to research and come up with solid takeaways on how Google search works and how you can learn the tricks to optimizing your websites for SEO.

They have an amazing repository of educational articles on SEO which are by itself a great resource for anyone wanting to learn online marketing. But they also have an online academy where they teach online marketing. But it used to be paid course and one of the best in the industry.

But now, due to the unusual situation we have around the world, Moz has generously decided to make it free, so that anyone who wants to get trained professionally in SEO can learn it.

It’s a well laid out course, with about 20 courses, each worth hundreds of dollars. You can access them for free now using a special coupon. I’ll share the link with the details in the description, please go and check it out before it’s gone.

Number 2 is SEMrush Academy

Now, if you’ve been following my channel, you would have already noticed that SEMrush is one of my favorite SEO tools or software. It’s probably the most popular SEO software in the market today with an amazing team behind it, that does a lot of research on online marketing. They publish most of their findings on their blog and articles for everyone to learn. But they also have an online academy which offers some amazing certification courses on digital marketing. Once you take the courses, there are exams and if you pass the exam, you get a free digital marketing expert certificate from SEMrush.

The courses are well designed and easy to learn. And the certification is well reputed in the industry. The link to the course is mentioned in the description below this video, do check it out. Hope you’ll pass the exam and come out in flying colors!

Number 3 is Yoast.

Yoast is a Netherlands based team that makes SEO products like WordPress plugins and such. Yoast also has the most popular WordPress plugin in the world today, which is used by millions of people. The team behind Yoast, are experts in online marketing and SEO and have been publishing many educational articles on their website for free.

But they also have an SEO training course, which is very popular and acclaimed in the industry.

They also have a free SEO training course that aims at teaching you the basics and advanced levels of SEO. It’s heavily focused on on-site optimization and has all the content that will make you an SEO expert at the end of it.

The link to the course is in the description, do check it out.

Number 4 is CXL or Conversion XL.

Conversion XL is an online digital marketing institute run by one of the leading online marketing experts in the world – Peep Laya. They have a lot of online courses on marketing topics like Conversion optimization, Digital analytics, Digital psychology and the like. The content is well designed and some of these courses are the best in the industry.

In these unusual times, Conversion XL is opening up their digital marketing minidegree courses for free. At the end of the course, on successful completion, you’ll get a certificate and access to other courses as well.

The details are mentioned in the description below, please go check it out.

Number 5 is the Ahrefs Business Blogging course.

Ahrefs is another leading marketing software in the industry. They focus on SEO and content marketing helping companies excel at growing traffic and generating business from online marketing.

And they have a well structured course on business blogging where they teach the essentials to advanced levels of content marketing for businesses. Everything from how to design your content, market it, promote it, generate traffic and ultimately generate business. Anyone who takes this course can easily be an expert at content marketing, if you put the right time behind it. They have excellent tutorial videos as well for every chapter.

It’s available for free now. The details are in the description below. Please check it out.

So, there you have it guys. 5 best digital marketing courses that are free from top, well reputed companies and agencies around the world. There is a wealth of information available with these free courses that is available for anyone to grab.

We’re all going through tough times these days. Many of us are in lockdowns at home, with a lot of spare time. So, may be now is the right time to acquire a new skill and progress yourself in your career path.

Grab these courses, before they’re gone. The links are in the description.

I hope you found this video useful, if you did, you know what to do. Please like, share and comment. Don’t forget to subscribe so you get more amazing videos like this.

This is Mani Karthik, signing off.

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