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6 Best CDN Providers for WordPress

An approximate of 19,702,043 live websites are known to be using Content Delivery Networks or CDN today, according to research by Built With. To keep a WordPress blog active, multiple fields, such as content, marketing, social media, cache integration and so on, have to be taken care of which is not an easy task. This is where a great CDN provider can be extremely useful.

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Top WordPress CDN Services 

Here are the best CDN services for WordPress.

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Cloudfare has a fairly large network of global servers and can cache static content automatically.  It provides free DNS management services, while making your website superfast. The security of your website is taken care of by blocking potential threats and abusers. There is a “rocket loader” feature that enhances the network connection and resource usage by a third party. Most importantly, this tool comes for free, including SSL support. 


Other than providing DDos mitigation and web security, Incapsula also provides features like SSL, PCI firewall and 24×7 support. It offers super-fast services for SaaS business or video streaming. It also supports a useful dashboard, which allows you to check on the safety, performance and traffic generated on your website. Data centers of Incapsula are strategically located all over the world.


Cloud computing, cloud solutions, hosting, you name it and Rackspace does it all. It is becoming increasingly popular due to its high compatibility with WordPress plugins. Large HD files, like movies, videos and site backs, can be uploaded in multiple segments but downloaded as one single file. With uptime of 99.9%, you can rest assured that your users can access files whenever they wish to. Pricing plans are also available, depending on the kind of usage. 

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StackPath comes with unlimited bandwidth, instant support and an easy integration feature. If you care about SEO, this is the best choice because its canonical feature ensures highest quality search engine optimization. It provides easy customization of asset delivery, security measures, protection of your content with URL signing and more. You can also decide where the content gets stored and for how long.


Sucuri is a cloud-based service, providing high-end security. The server side and scanners are constantly being updated to prevent invasion of unwanted content. You also receive immediate alerts on the slightest change on your website’s SSL certificate. Additionally, it comes with a Spam Scanner and a DNS Scanner. The former helps you detect spam words before any other search engines do. The latter alerts you on any changes in the website’s domain name system.

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Popular for powerful features like cutting edge technology and optimization, KeyCDN is the first choice of near about 40,000 customers, providing content to a few millions. Various applications like WP Super, Cache, W3 Total Cache Plugin and Zencache, are offered by this network. With a success rate of 94%, it is a top notch tool for WordPress.

So, go ahead and check out the various CDN options and choose one that will take your WordPress website to the next level.

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