10 Amazing Facts About Airplanes & Flying That’ll Blow Your Mind

I honestly didn’t know any of these.

1. Never flush the toilet while sitting on it.

The pressure is so high it may cause harm to you!

2. Cabin crew have “secret” sleeping quarters

These are available onboard larger international flights. Hmm, so that’s where they disappear.

3. If your destination country refuses to let you enter, it is airline’s responsibility to fly you back!

I don’t mind a free trip back and forth.

4. Once, a pilot got sucked out of the window, while flying!

In 1990 British Airways pilot Tim Lancaster was sucked out of a window when it broke off and was pinned to the aircraft for 20 minutes while crew clung to his legs before landing. He suffered only minor injuries and was flying within 5 months.

5. A plane wont plummet to the ground as soon as all of its engines fail.

It can always glide to a certain distance. Well, that’s good to know.

6. The most powerful jet engine will produce over 1,10,000 horsepower.

To understand the scale, your car produces a little over 100 horsepower.

7. One windshield of a Boeing 747-400’s cockpit costs as much as a BMW car.

They got four BMWs stuck on the cockpit!

8. A Boeing 747 has around 240-280 Kilometres of wiring inside it.

That’s insane!

9. About 1/3rd of your taste buds are numbed while flying.

Well, that explains the bad tasting food.

10.  Research shows that the first 3 minutes after takeoff and the final 8 minutes before landing are when 80% of plane crashes happen.

What do you do? You pray.


Original source – Quora.

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10 Amazing Facts About Airplanes & Flying That’ll Blow Your Mind

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