10+ Best AI Tools for Presentations

The art of crafting a compelling presentation is a fine dance between information and entertainment.

Too much information, and you’re sending your audience into a snooze-fest. Too much entertainment, and well, you might as well be a stand-up comic.

What if I told you there’s an easier way?

Brace yourselves, because the future of presentations is here, and it’s driven by AI.

Let’s dive into the best AI tools to jazz up your presentations and make them truly memorable.

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1. Beautiful.ai

What it does: Beautiful.ai lives up to its name by creating gorgeous presentations with the help of AI. The tool designs slides based on best practices, so you’re less likely to end up with a confusing mess.

Makes professional designs accessibleLimited customizability
Easy to useFree version has watermark
Has a large library of templatesPremium features are pricey

Our Take: If you’re design-challenged, Beautiful.ai can be your secret weapon. Just remember, all the AI help in the world won’t fix a bad script!

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2. Canva

What it does: Canva is like the Swiss Army knife of design tools, and that includes presentations. With AI-powered features like the Design Assistant, even a novice can create a standout presentation.

Highly versatileCan be overwhelming for beginners
Plenty of free resourcesNot all resources are free
AI assistant is very helpfulCan be slow on low-end devices

Our Take: Canva is a powerful tool in the right hands. It might take a bit to get used to it, but once you do, it’s like having a graphic designer on call.

3. Zoho Show

What it does: Zoho Show is part of the Zoho suite of tools. Its AI capabilities allow you to create, collaborate, and broadcast presentations effectively.

Seamless collaboration featuresMight require some learning
AI helps improve designLimited customization options
Excellent for broadcastingFree version has limitations

Our Take: Zoho Show is a solid choice for teams. The AI capabilities are the cherry on top. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!

4. Slidebean

What it does: Slidebean is an AI-powered tool that can design your slides and even help with the content. Just input your information, and Slidebean does the rest.

AI takes care of design and contentLimited control over design
Simplifies the presentation creation processMight not suit complex presentations
Has a variety of templatesNot all features are free

Our Take: Slidebean is perfect if you’re short on time or if presentation design just isn’t your forte. Just don’t rely on it for complex presentations or if you’re a control freak when it comes to design.

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5. Decktopus

What it does: Decktopus is like a friendly octopus helping you juggle all aspects of your presentation. The AI takes care of design and layout, and it even has a built-in content suggestion feature.

AI makes design and layout easyCustomization can be limited
Content suggestion feature can be usefulAdvanced features require premium subscription
Easy to useLimited templates on free version

Our Take: Decktopus is an excellent tool for individuals or small businesses. It’s like having an extra pair of hands (or eight) to help you with your presentation.

Our Take

With the first five tools done and dusted, it’s clear that AI has infiltrated the world of presentations. Whether you’re a design newbie or a seasoned pro, these tools can streamline the process and make your life easier.

Remember, a great presentation is about more than just pretty slides.

Keep your content sharp, and let the AI take care of the rest!

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6. PowerPoint Designer

What it does: Microsoft’s PowerPoint Designer is a classic tool with a twist. The Designer feature uses AI to suggest layouts, images, and even color schemes.

Seamless integration with Microsoft SuiteLimited to Microsoft ecosystem
AI suggestions can greatly enhance presentationsAI suggestions aren’t always on point
Widely used, so compatibility issues are rareLearning curve for advanced features

Our Take: If you’re already in the Microsoft ecosystem, PowerPoint Designer can be a game-changer. Just don’t expect the AI to do all the work for you!

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7. Mentimeter

What it does: Mentimeter is an interactive presentation software that allows real-time interaction between the presenter and the audience. Its AI-driven Word Cloud feature provides a visual representation of the audience’s thoughts.

Real-time interaction with audienceFree version is limited
The Word Cloud feature is unique and engagingCan be tricky to manage on the fly
Easy to useSome learning required for best results

Our Take: Mentimeter can make your presentations interactive and engaging. Just be ready for whatever your audience might throw at you!

8. Haiku Deck

What it does: Haiku Deck makes presentation design simple. With AI assistance, it automatically chooses appropriate fonts, layouts, and images based on your content.

Simplifies the design processLimited customization options
Good selection of stock photosFree version has limited access
Intuitive user interfaceSubscription is required for full features

Our Take: Haiku Deck is all about simplicity. If you want to focus on your message and let the tool handle the aesthetics, this could be the one for you.

9. Prezi

What it does: Prezi offers a fresh take on presentations with a zoomable canvas and AI-powered suggestions. It’s about making presentations dynamic and memorable.

Dynamic, non-linear presentation styleCan be overwhelming for first-time users
AI provides helpful design suggestionsSubscription required for full features
Large library of templatesSome users report performance issues

Our Take: Prezi is a tool for those who want to break free from the slide-by-slide mold. There’s a learning curve, but the results can be impressive.

10. Visme

What it does: Visme allows you to create presentations, infographics, and other visual content. Its AI-powered system offers design suggestions and a content block system for easy layout creation.

Versatile tool for different types of visual contentFree version has limited resources
AI-driven design suggestionsFull potential requires subscription
Content block system for easy layoutLearning curve for new users

Our Take: If you’re regularly creating various types of visual content, Visme could be your one-stop solution. With AI assistance, you can design like a pro, even if you’re a beginner.

Our Take

Stepping up from chalkboards and flipcharts, these AI tools are adding some much-needed pizzazz to presentations.

AI is leveling the playing field, making it easier for everyone to create engaging, professional presentations.

Whether you’re a teacher, a CEO, or a student, these tools can help you get your message across with style.

That’s it for the next batch! But we’re not done yet. Let’s keep going…

11. Ludus

What it does: Ludus is a presentation tool that’s designed to empower designers. With its AI-powered system, it makes recommendations for layouts, colors, and fonts based on the content you add.

Geared towards designersMay be overwhelming for beginners
Integrates with other design toolsSubscription required for full features
AI-powered design recommendationsLimited free trial

Our Take: Ludus can be a game-changer for designers, who want to create presentations that truly stand out. But if you’re not familiar with design principles, it might be a bit overwhelming.

12. Slides

What it does: Slides offers a clean, straightforward platform for creating presentations. Its AI system provides suggestions for layouts, colors, and more based on your content.

Clean, straightforward interfaceFree version has limited features
AI-driven design suggestionsFull potential requires subscription
Collaborative featuresSlight learning curve

Our Take: Slides is a solid, straightforward option for anyone who wants to create clean, professional presentations. Plus, the AI suggestions can save you time on design.

13. Genially

What it does: Genially is a versatile tool that’s great for interactive presentations. It offers AI assistance to automatically generate designs based on your content.

Versatility – great for interactive presentationsRequires subscription for full access
AI-driven design generationFree version has watermarks
Library of templates and resourcesLearning curve for beginners

Our Take: If you’re looking to create interactive presentations, Genially could be a great choice. Just be ready to invest some time in learning how to use it to its full potential.

14. Slidebean

What it does: Slidebean is a presentation software that designs the slides for you. Its AI analyzes the content and chooses the layout, color scheme, and graphics accordingly.

AI designs the slides for youLimited customization options
Collaborative featuresRequires subscription for full features
Provides presentation insightsLearning curve for some users

Our Take: Slidebean takes a lot of the guesswork out of creating presentations. It’s great if you’re short on time or design skills.

15. SlideDog

What it does: SlideDog lets you combine different media into seamless presentations. Its AI can suggest the order of slides and even recommend media based on your content.

Combine different media into one presentationFree version is limited
AI can recommend mediaFull potential requires a subscription
Allows for interactive elementsSlight learning curve

Our Take: SlideDog is great for those who want to mix and match different types of media. It might take a little getting used to, but it’s worth it for the flexibility.

In Conclusion

The world of AI-powered presentation tools is vast and varied. While there are many options, here are some of our top recommendations:

  • Best Free Tool: Google Slides is a solid, reliable choice with great collaborative features.
  • Best Paid Tool: Beautiful.ai offers powerful AI-driven design features and a massive library of templates.
  • Best Tool for Startups: Pitch

.com offers features that make collaboration easy and efficient.

  • Best Tool for Enterprise: Zoho Show’s comprehensive features and compatibility with other Zoho apps make it a great choice for large organizations.
  • Most Expensive Tool: Prezi is one of the pricier options, but its unique approach to presentations could be worth the investment.
  • Cheapest Tool: Canva is a budget-friendly option with a user-friendly interface and plenty of design flexibility.

Remember, the best tool for you depends on your specific needs and budget. Test out a few options and see which one best fits your presentation style and requirements.

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