10+ Best AI Tools for Music

Hello, all you tech-savvy maestros out there! 🎡

Today, we’re jumping into the cutting-edge world of AI music tools.

That’s right, robots aren’t just for vacuuming your house anymore – they’re composing symphonies, producing beats, and even making Taylor Swift shake in her boots (or cowboy hat, depending on the era).

The blend of technology and music isn’t just for the Skrillexs of the world anymore.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to dip your toes into music production or a seasoned pro wanting to step up your game, these AI-powered tools are here to get your creative juices flowing.

Ready to meet Mozart 2.0? Let’s get into it.

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1. Humtap

Starting our musical AI ensemble is Humtap. This app lets you produce music simply by humming a tune or tapping a rhythm. Who knew that your shower singing could actually lead to creating a masterpiece?

Simple and intuitive to useMusic is only as good as your humming
Quick and fun music creationNot suitable for complex music composition

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2. OpenAI’s MuseNet

Next on our setlist is OpenAI’s MuseNet. Think of it as an AI Mozart, but with the added capability to compose in 10 different styles, from classical to country to pop. It’s like having a versatile orchestra at your fingertips.

Creates music in a wide range of stylesThe generated tunes might lack the human touch
Perfect for creative explorationMay require some musical knowledge to use fully

3. Amper Music

Amper Music takes AI music composition to a professional level. It can create custom soundtracks for your videos, games, or podcasts. It’s like having your own Hans Zimmer in a box.

Creates professional-grade soundtracksMight be overkill for casual music-makers
Customizable for different applicationsCan be pricey compared to simpler tools

4. Jukin Composer

Jukin Composer uses AI to analyze video content and compose the perfect soundtrack to match. It’s like having your own personal film score composer.

Composes tailored music for video contentMight not be suitable for standalone music creation
Great for video creatorsUser interface can be complex for beginners

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AIVA is an AI-powered music composer used by professionals in the film, advertising, and gaming industries. It’s like having a virtual John Williams at your service.

Professional-grade music compositionMight be too advanced for hobbyists
Tailored for various industriesSubscription can be expensive

Our Take After Five Tools

From humming your way to a catchy tune with Humtap to creating professional-grade music with AIVA, these AI tools are changing the way we create music. But remember, no tool can replace your innate creativity.

These AI-powered maestros are here to amplify your musical ideas, not to replace the symphony in your soul.

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6. Google Magenta’s Lo-Fi Player

Adding a chill touch to our list is Google Magenta’s Lo-Fi Player.

This tool lets you mix your own lo-fi beats by interacting with a virtual room. It’s the perfect way to unwind while making your own laid-back tunes.

Unique and interactive user interfaceLimited to creating lo-fi beats
Perfect for relaxation and casual music-makingNot suited for professional music production

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7. Moises

Moises is a smart AI music tool that can extract individual instruments from a song. Want to hear the isolated guitar riff or the bass line? No problem!

Excellent tool for musicians wanting to learn specific parts of a songOutput quality might vary based on the complexity of the song
Facilitates music learning and practicePremium features come with a cost

8. IBM Watson Beat

If you’re all about expressing your emotions through music, then IBM Watson Beat is for you. It uses AI to create music that fits the mood you want to convey.

Creates music based on your specified moodMight require some technical expertise to use
Adds emotional touch to your musicLimited in terms of genre and style


Ready to write your own songs but struggling with lyrics? ALYSIA is an AI songwriting assistant that can help you craft lyrics to fit your melody.

Great tool for aspiring songwritersLyrics generation might not always match human creativity
Simplifies the songwriting processMight lack versatility for different music styles

10. Popgun’s Splash Pro

Popgun’s Splash Pro leverages AI to make beat creation as simple as tapping your fingers. It’s your go-to tool to make pop music that really pops!

Intuitive interface for creating catchy beatsMainly geared towards pop music creation
Good tool for beginnersMight not suit professional music producers

Our Take After Ten Tools

From creating chill lo-fi beats to writing your own lyrics, these AI tools cover a wide range of music needs.

No matter your level of experience or music genre preference, there’s an AI tool out there that can amplify your creativity and compose music in tune with your vision.

11. Ecrett Music

Ecrett Music is an AI music generator perfect for video creators. It can make custom tracks to perfectly fit your video’s length and mood.

Customizes music to fit your videoMay not be ideal for standalone music creation
Simple interface makes it easy to useThe music styles may not be diverse

12. Melodrive

If you want your music to evolve dynamically with the player’s interaction in a video game, Melodrive is your tool. It’s like having a live orchestra react to every move in the game.

Ideal for interactive experiences like video gamesMay not be suitable for traditional music composition
Creates an immersive audio experienceRequires some understanding of video game programming

13. OpenAI’s MuseNet

Combining the power of deep learning with your creativity, OpenAI’s MuseNet can generate 4-minute musical compositions with 10 different instruments, and can combine styles from country to Mozart to the Beatles.

Can compose in various styles and with different instrumentsLimit of 4-minute composition
A versatile tool for exploring different music genresMight require some time to explore its full capabilities

14. Endel

Personalized sound environments to boost productivity and relaxation? That’s Endel for you. It creates personalized soundscapes to help you focus, relax or sleep better.

Great for creating personalized sound environmentsNot meant for creating songs or tracks
Can improve productivity and sleepEffectiveness might vary from person to person

15. YACHT’s Chain Tripping AI

AI can even make albums now! The band YACHT used machine learning to create their album, Chain Tripping. While not a tool in itself, it’s an impressive display of how AI can be harnessed in the music industry.

Demonstrates innovative use of AI in music creationNot a tool that you can use
Can inspire other musicians to experiment with AIMay not appeal to traditional music purists

Our Final Take

With a plethora of options from AI tools like AIVA and Amper Music to Google Magenta’s Lo-Fi Player and IBM’s Watson Beat, it’s clear that AI has a significant impact on the music industry.

Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a newbie, there’s an AI tool for you.


Picking the best AI tool for music creation comes down to your specific needs, proficiency level, and budget. Here are our top picks:

  • Best Free Tool: Amper Music lets you create and download up to 30 seconds of AI-generated music for free, making it a great choice for beginners testing the waters of AI music creation.
  • Best Tool for Beginners: Popgun’s Splash Pro has an intuitive interface and simple controls, making it the perfect tool for beginners to start creating pop beats.
  • Best Tool for Professionals: AIVA’s professional plan offers high-quality music generation and unlimited downloads, making it ideal for professionals.
  • Most Expensive Tool: AIVA, when used on the professional plan, can be the most expensive, but you get a wide range of features for your buck.
  • Cheapest Tool: Moises offers a basic plan that’s quite affordable, perfect for aspiring musicians on a budget.

When choosing an AI music tool, consider your personal goals.

If you’re learning a new instrument, you might want a tool that can isolate that instrument in a song. If you’re looking to generate background music for a video, tools like Ecrett Music would be more suitable.

If you’re an aspiring songwriter, ALYSIA could be your best bet. So, tune in, explore, and let AI help you hit all the right notes!

And while you’re at it, check out our guides on other creative AI tools at Dailyblogger.

Happy composing!

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