10 Best AI Tools for Lawyers

Awesome, let’s get legal.

Heads up, lawyers! We know that you’re about to take over the world (or at least the courtroom), and you’re going to need the best AI tools to do it.

Don’t worry; we got you.

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1. CaseCruncher

First on the docket, we have CaseCruncher, an AI tool that’ll analyze past cases faster than you can say “Objection!”

Can predict case outcomes like Nostradamus.Costs as much as your law school tuition.
Saves time on research.The user interface? Not exactly a TikTok dance.

Our take: CaseCruncher might be the heavyweight champ of case prediction, but the price tag and clunky interface might give pause to budget-conscious and tech-savvy users. If you’re still finding your feet in the AI world, peep our beginner’s guide.

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2. LegallyRobo

Say “Howdy!” to LegallyRobo, a tool that automates legal documents like a boss.

Never again face the trauma of writing contracts from scratch.Some complex contracts still need human intervention.
Save on legal fees.Not quite as warm and fuzzy as a real-life paralegal.

Our take: LegallyRobo can save you a bunch of time and money, but for really tricky stuff, you’ll still need a human touch. For more on automating your law practice, check out our AI for lawyers page.

3. CourtoMetrics

Ladies and gents, we present to you CourtoMetrics, a data analysis tool that puts you in the driver’s seat.

Gain insights into legal trends.Less intuitive than your grandma’s flip phone.
Make data-driven decisions.Training required (yawn!).

Our take: CourtoMetrics can be a game-changer, but you’ll need to spend some time learning the ropes. If data analysis gives you chills, check out our guide for getting started with AI.

4. LitIQ

Say hello to LitIQ, the language analyst that will put your work under the microscope and ensure it’s court-ready.

Writes legally sound sentences.Not great for casual Friday conversations.
Avoids costly litigation.Can be a grammar snob at times.

Our take: LitIQ is perfect for those wanting to perfect their legalese but be warned: it won’t help you draft your weekend plans text.

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5. Docket Alarm

Next up, we have Docket Alarm, your new bestie for keeping up with court updates.

Real-time court updates.Subscription is a bit pricey.
Comprehensive case details.The name’s kinda scary, isn’t it?

Our take: This is your go-to for court updates, but be ready to shell out some dough. For money-saving tools, take a look at our free AI tools article.

6. Legal Robot

Introducing Legal Robot, an AI tool that translates legalese into human speak.

Translate legalese.Can’t help with your Spanish homework.
Helps understand contracts.It’s a robot, not a lawyer.

Our take: Legal Robot is perfect for decoding complex contracts, but remember, it doesn’t replace professional legal advice.

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7. Ravel Law

Step into the ring with Ravel Law, your source for court analytics and legal research.

Faster legal research.Steeper learning curve.
Case analytics.Fees can add up.

Our take: If you’re ready to dive deep into legal research, Ravel Law is for you. But it might take some time to get up to speed.

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8. Clio

Meet Clio, the comprehensive legal practice management software.

One-stop shop for law practice management.Costly for smaller firms.
Cloud-based and accessible.Takes time to set up.

Our take: Clio can make managing your practice a breeze, but it may be a bit much for solo practitioners or smaller firms.

9. Ross Intelligence

Here’s Ross Intelligence, a legal research assistant that’s ready to help 24/7.

Quick and accurate legal research.Can’t bring you coffee.
24/7 availability.Subscription-based.

Our take: Ross Intelligence can be a lifesaver for late-night research sessions, but don’t expect it to keep you caffeinated.

10. Everlaw

Last but not least, say hi to Everlaw, a cloud-based ediscovery and litigation platform.

Streamlines the litigation process.Can be costly for smaller teams.
Intuitive design.Needs internet connection.

Our take: Everlaw can take your litigation game to new heights, but make sure you have the budget (and Wi-Fi) for it.


We’ve seen a lot of killer tools today, each with their strengths and weaknesses. So which ones are the best?

For beginners, Legal Robot is a great choice. It’s straightforward, user-friendly, and an excellent first step into the world of AI in law.

For the enterprise-level, you can’t go wrong with Clio. It’s a comprehensive solution that can streamline every aspect of law practice management.

For professionals, Ross Intelligence provides the most bang for your buck with round-the-clock legal research support.


Before you pull out your wallet, remember that not all shiny things are gold. Understand your needs first.

Are you looking to streamline contract creation? Or maybe you need help with legal research?

Once you have this figured out, you can choose a tool that fits your needs and budget.

And remember, while these tools offer a lot of benefits, they don’t replace the advice of a legal professional. So don’t fire your lawyer just yet.

AI tools are here to support you, not substitute for professional advice. Use them wisely and responsibly.

We hope this guide has been helpful.

For more tips and reviews, make sure to check out our website at Dailyblogger.com.

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