10+ Best AI Tools for Copywriting

Hey there, wordsmiths! Have you ever wished you could just wave a magic wand and, poof, that perfect, compelling copy just appears on your screen?

Well, I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is, magic wands aren’t real.

But the good news?

AI-powered copywriting tools are! And they’re pretty darn close to being magical.

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1. Jasper (Formerly Jarvis)

What it does: Jasper uses advanced GPT-3 technology to generate creative content. Whether you need blog posts, social media posts, or SEO-friendly copy, Jasper is your guy.

Access to GPT-3 technologyCould be pricey for some
Can write in multiple languagesMight require manual edits
SEO-friendly contentMay not always grasp complex concepts

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2. Copy.ai

What it does: Copy.ai leverages AI to automate the copywriting process. You simply provide a brief description, and Copy.ai will churn out several copy variations for you.

Generates multiple copy variationsNot as creative as a human writer
User-friendly interfaceSome outputs may require editing
Ideal for brainstorming copy ideasMonthly subscription cost

3. Writesonic

What it does: Writesonic is an AI-powered writing tool that assists in creating high-quality content, including landing pages, ads, and blog posts.

Supports multiple content typesPremium features require subscription
Generates SEO-friendly contentMay not capture unique brand voice
Offers multiple AI toolsCan occasionally produce generic copy

4. CopySmith

What it does: CopySmith provides AI-driven copy for various needs like product descriptions, headlines, and ad copy.

Easy to useLimited creativity
Great for product descriptionsSometimes repetitive
Generates lots of copy quicklyNeeds manual reviewing

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5. CrawlQ

What it does: CrawlQ offers AI-powered content for businesses. It can analyze your buyer persona and create tailor-made content that appeals to your audience.

Analyzes buyer personaMore suitable for businesses
Creates tailor-made contentRequires some learning curve
Enhances content with data insightsMonthly subscription cost

Our Take

The first batch of AI copywriting tools certainly bring a lot to the table.

Jasper and Writesonic utilize GPT-3 technology to churn out SEO-friendly copy, but they do require some manual edits.

Copy.ai and CopySmith are fantastic for generating quick copy, but their outputs might not be as creative as those from a human writer.

CrawlQ sets itself apart by offering content that’s tailored to your buyer persona, but its functionality may be a bit too complex for individual users.

These tools are great, but don’t forget that while AI is fantastic, it still has its limitations.

It’s not likely to replace human copywriters anytime soon. Instead, consider these tools as your handy sidekicks, helping you generate ideas and save time in your writing process.

Stay tuned as we continue our journey through the wondrous world of AI copywriting tools!

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6. AI Writer

What it does: AI Writer uses artificial intelligence to create detailed content, such as blog posts, around the key points you provide.

Simple to useLacks the nuance of human writing
Great for drafting blog postsSubscription can be costly
Saves a ton of timeNeeds proofreading for grammar and coherence

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7. ContentBot

What it does: ContentBot is a versatile AI writing tool, capable of generating a variety of content formats from blog introductions to product descriptions.

Versatile tool for various content typesNot 100% accurate every time
AI-generated ideas for writersNot free
Saves time on content creationSubscription model

8. Kuki AI

What it does: Kuki AI is an AI tool that can generate blog posts, product descriptions, and more, based on your prompts.

Generates a variety of contentNeeds human editing
Easy to useMay not capture unique brand voice
Flexible and adaptableMonthly subscription

9. Wordtune

What it does: Wordtune is a browser extension that uses AI to help you rewrite sentences. It’s like having a writing assistant who’s always ready to help!

Easy to useRequires internet connection
Available as a browser extensionPremium version can be costly
Helps to rephrase and refine sentencesDoes not create content from scratch

10. Text Blaze

What it does: Text Blaze is an AI-powered chrome extension that helps you create shortcuts for your most-used phrases. It’s a big time-saver!

Speeds up writing processOnly available for Chrome
Easy to create shortcutsLimited AI capabilities
Free to usePremium features require subscription

Our Take

We just went through another batch of amazing AI tools for copywriting.

AI Writer and ContentBot can be excellent tools for drafting out detailed content like blog posts, albeit requiring some human touch for the perfect finish.

Kuki AI can handle a variety of content needs, but might not fully capture your brand voice.

For sentence-level assistance, Wordtune and Text Blaze can be your writing sidekicks, with Wordtune helping with rephrasing and Text Blaze speeding up your writing process.

Remember, these tools are here to help you draft and generate ideas, saving you some precious time in your writing process.

However, they can’t fully replace the touch of a seasoned human writer (yet).


In the world of AI-powered copywriting, there are numerous tools to choose from, each with its strengths and limitations.

  • The best free tool? That would be Text Blaze.
    Although it’s a more simplified AI tool focusing on sentence shortcuts, it’s a great introduction to AI assistance in writing.
  • The best paid tool?
    This is subjective and highly depends on your specific needs, but Grammarly Premium and Jarvis offer a broad set of features that can be extremely useful for professional writers.
  • The best tool for startups?
    We recommend ContentBot for its flexibility and ability to handle various content formats.
  • Best tool for enterprise?
    Jarvis scales well with comprehensive content solutions and an enterprise-grade offering.
  • The most expensive tool?
    Jarvis sits at the top end of the price range, but it’s worth considering for the wide range of features it offers.
  • The cheapest tool?
    Text Blaze has a free tier with valuable features for speed typing and simplifying your writing process.

The AI copywriting tool landscape is rapidly expanding with more advanced features and capabilities being added regularly.

Always remember that while these tools can significantly assist and speed up the writing process, they should supplement, not replace, the human creative process.

When deciding on the best AI tool for you, consider the tool’s capabilities, pricing, and how well it fits into your workflow.

Happy writing!

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