10+ Best AI Tools for Coding

You’re trying to nail down the perfect code for your app, but your fingers are tired, your brain’s fried, and your coffee’s gotten cold. Again.

Or perhaps you’re a newcomer to the intricate world of programming and the whole thing looks like some alien script. Either way, you know what?

You’re not alone.

Every programmer, regardless of their expertise, has been in your shoes.

That’s why we have the beauty of AI, it’s like the best friend you never had. A friend who can help you speed up your coding, debug and optimize your code, suggest better code practices, and even write code snippets for you.

So, let’s dive into this list of top AI tools that can elevate your coding game.

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1. Kite

What it does: Kite is a coding assistant that uses AI to automate parts of programming. It auto-completes lines or blocks of Python, JavaScript, Java, or C++ code and can provide real-time help and recommendations.

Automatic coding assistantOnly supports a few languages
Real-time recommendationsNeeds a stable internet connection
Free version availablePaid version required for all features

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2. Codota

What it does: Codota offers AI-based code completions, helping you write code faster and with fewer errors. It supports multiple languages, including Java, JavaScript, Python, and TypeScript.

Supports multiple languagesThe accuracy of predictions may vary
Integrates with several IDEsSome features are paid
Helps in reducing errorsRequires a good understanding of code structure

3. DeepCode

What it does: DeepCode is an AI-powered code review tool that learns from open source code repositories to provide suggestions and warnings about your code.

Learns from thousands of repositoriesLimited language support
Detailed code analysisFree version has limitations
Available as an IDE pluginSome advanced features are paid

4. Sourcetrail

What it does: Sourcetrail is a free and open-source cross-platform source explorer that uses AI to simplify the process of navigating and understanding existing source code.

Simplifies code navigationLimited language support
Visual code explorationNo auto-complete or coding assistant
Free and open-sourceA bit of a learning curve

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5. Tabnine

What it does: Tabnine is an AI-powered coding assistant that predicts and generates code completions. It supports over 20 programming languages and works with a variety of IDEs.

Supports over 20 languagesThe accuracy of predictions may vary
Integrates with various IDEsThe free version has limited AI capabilities
Cross-platformRequires paid subscription for full capabilities

Our Take

These AI tools for coding can boost your productivity by automating repetitive tasks, providing coding assistance, and even catching errors.

Whether you’re a Python programmer using Kite, a Java developer leaning on Codota, or a TypeScript coder with Tabnine, AI tools can make coding faster and less error-prone.

Stay tuned for more tools, and another expert take, after the break!

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6. Embold

What it does: Embold is a general-purpose static code analyzer that uses AI to understand the structure of your code and identify problematic areas. It supports over 10 programming languages.

Supports various languagesLimited free version
AI-powered analysisCan take some time to analyze larger codebases
Provides code quality metricsNot all features are intuitive

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7. Replika

What it does: Replika is an AI that assists in coding by automatically writing code snippets, providing context-specific code suggestions, and even creating full project templates.

AI-powered code generationCurrently supports limited languages
Provides project templatesLearning curve for optimal use
Context-specific suggestionsAdvanced features require a subscription

8. AIOps by Moogsoft

What it does: AIOps by Moogsoft is a platform that helps IT teams automate their workflows and fix issues faster. It can predict potential problems in your code and offer solutions.

Predicts potential issuesPricing is not transparent
Helps automate IT workflowsMay require a steep learning curve
Can fix issues fasterBest suited for larger teams

9. Diffblue

What it does: Diffblue uses AI to write unit tests for your Java code automatically, freeing up developers’ time to focus on other tasks.

Automatic test case generationSupports Java only
Saves developers’ timeMay not cover all edge cases
Integrates with popular CI/CD toolsNot all features are available in the free version

10. AI.Text

What it does: AI.Text is an AI-powered tool that auto-generates the coding for your design files. It can translate design into HTML/CSS code.

Auto-generates code for designsLimited to web design
Speeds up the coding processThe output may require tweaking
Reduces the need for manual codingMight not work well with complex designs

Our Take

As we advance through the list, the impact of AI on coding and project management becomes clearer.

Tools like Embold and Moogsoft’s AIOps help ensure the quality and reliability of your code by catching potential issues before they escalate.

Diffblue takes testing to a new level by automating the process, while AI.Text is changing the game for designers by converting designs into code.


There you have it – an AI-powered coding toolbox that would make any developer’s life easier!

As we’ve seen, these tools can help with everything from code review and debugging to automatic test case generation and even converting design files into code.

If you’re a solo developer or a part of a small team, tools like Kite and DeepCode might just be your best bet.

They are cost-effective and offer a good blend of functionality that can assist you in everyday coding tasks.

For larger teams or enterprises, a more comprehensive tool like Codota or AIOps by Moogsoft could be worth the investment.

When it comes to the best free tool, Kite wins the trophy with its feature-rich free version. Codota, on the other hand, is the best premium tool with advanced functionalities.

However, we always recommend starting with the free versions or trials of these tools to see which one suits your coding style and requirements the best.

Always remember, the best tool is the one that fits your needs, not the one with the most features.

So go ahead and start experimenting! May the code be with you.

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