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DailyBlogger offers a helpful guide for bloggers to get things done.

From Blogging Tips to WordPress Plugins and Tools to do blogging smoothly.

We’re part of an elite blogger’s group who keep ourselves updated with all the latest blogging tools. So it’s second nature to us learning about new ones.

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DailyBlogger was founded by Mani Karthik, a professional blogger from India. Having spent 10+ years in the US and the Middle East, helping small and big companies scale online with online marketing and SEO, he started his own company in India and contributes to the blogging community through websites like DailyBlogger.

You can contact him via his personal website here or on LinkedIn.

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You can either use our contact us page or write to us at hi(a)manikarthik.com

Been blogging since 2005 and I absolutely love it. Having worked for small and big startups in Silicon Valley, helping them market stuff online, from cars to software, I quit my corporate job and took to blogging as a profession. I share everything I learn about blogging and online marketing here on the blog. Everything from my successes to failures and everything in between, so you can learn too. I hope it is useful.