20 Best WordPress WhatsApp Plugins

Do you want better exposure for your website and blog posts? One way to increase traffic is by connecting your website or blog to various social networking sites. And, doing so is easy with a WordPress site, given the availability of some great WhatsApp plugins. Here’s my list of the 20 best WordPress WhatsApp plugins.

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WhatsApp Contact Button

WhatsApp Contact Button plugin for WordPress is a simple and user-friendly option to create a chat with WhatsApp. It allows you to change colors and icons and even has 8 animation effects. It comes with mobile adaptability and works with any theme.

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WordPress WhatsApp

What makes WordPress WhatsApp stand out is that it offers single as well as multi-person support. It is fully responsive and fully customizable. Its other features include custom welcome text, responsive design, and group invitation capabilities.

WP WhatsApp Button

With 10 beautiful templates and 10 hover animations, WP WhatsApp Button is a shortcode-ready plugin that is compatible with both mobile and desktop. Its main features include the text enable option, color customization, sticky button choice and eight button position.

Add Social Share Messenger Buttons

Add Social Share Messenger Buttons plugin helps you add social share buttons to your webpages and posts. It is an extremely user-friendly plugin with a simple interface. You can also choose customized CSS and can reorder the social share button. In addition, you can add social share buttons of distinct sizes.

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WhatsApp Contact Chat

WhatsApp Contact Chat is a WordPress plugin that supports all browsers. It works with all WP themes and you can share your content with your WhatsApp contacts. It has 20 animations for buttons as well as icons. Moreover, it has a shortcode generator, chat button, float button, and sticky button.

WhatsApp Click to Chat

Another extremely customizable WordPress WhatsApp plugin is WhatsApp Click to Chat. It allows you to show the details of all your team members. Other features of this plugin are buttons for WooCommerce pages, page targeting and option to change colors, themes, text, and language.

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Cresta WhatsApp Chat

This WordPress plugin allows your audience to contact you with just a click of a button. Cresta WhatsApp Chat enables you to add a WhatsApp button to your posts. It has a mobile version, which helps you automatically open your WhatsApp. The features of its pro version include various animations and options to change colors and sizes of box buttons.

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Social Tabs Live Chat

Another very simple yet powerful WordPress plugin is Social Tabs Live Chat. It allows you to connect your posts to various social networking sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and more. It provides you unlimited bandwidth, a variety of color choices and even lets you have multiple chats at the same time.

AddToAny Share Buttons

If you want a simple and free way to connect to social media and promote social sharing across WhatsApp, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and more, AddTo Any Share Buttons is an ideal option. It comes with various share buttons, such as standard, counter, floating, custom and many more.

ShareThis Share Button

I couldn’t miss out on ShareThis Share Button while making a list of WordPress plugins for WhatsApp. This plugin is mobile optimized, lightweight, with eye-catching designs and high customizability. You can get attractive logos in desired shapes and sizes too.

Social Warfare

To increase traffic to your website or blog, try the Social Warfare plugin. Its premium version includes features such as custom designs, short links, network integrations, text customizations and many more. It also offers content protection.


MashShare is a free social sharing plugin that is highly customizable and user-friendly. It comes with many add-ons and enables virtual shares of your posts. Its main features include share buttons, sticky bar, smart share function and tons more.

Social Share & Locker Pro

You can promote your website and post through Social Share & Locker Pro. This plugin provides more than 40 share buttons and supports 100+ networks. With features like distinct display showcases, content locking, followers buttons and several sharing buttons, this plugin makes your page highly interactive.


AddThis is an amazing plugin for WordPress to increase visitors to your site. It has various share buttons, such as floating, image sharing, inline share and expanding share buttons. It lets you connect your page to more than 150 channels, including WhatsApp, Twitter, Messenger, Pinterest and tons more.

Ultimate Contact Buttons

Another premium plugin for WordPress is Ultimate Contact Buttons. It has over 10 different designs and 10 animation effects. It offers various features, including color customization, tooltips and buttons that make this plugin very attractive and engaging.

Contact Us All-in-One

If you are looking for a highly customizable and versatile plugin, Contact Us All-in-One is an ideal option. Features that make this plugin stand out include menu customization, button customization, live chat options and Telegram chatbox. Additionally, it has a callback request, which enables your customers to request a call back from your team.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 enables you to easily send out contact forms through WhatsApp. It is very user-friendly and customizable. You get instant notifications with this plugin. It is very easy to set-up and use.

KN Mobile ShareBar

With various types of posts, such as front page, single post and many more, KN Mobile ShareBar, is a powerful plugin for WordPress. It displays custom messages on Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter, through a floating share button.

Share Post on WhatsApp

This one comes with a setting to enable and disable the WhatsApp share icon. Share Post on WhatsApp is an efficient plugin to connect your WordPress site with various social sites. It enables you to send customized posts on WhatsApp.

Social Messengers

Social Messengers offers various features, such as mobile adaptability, ease-if-use, user-friendly interface and 8 different animation effects. It works with any theme and supports most popular browsers. It also supports various social networking sites, such as Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype etc.

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  1. Autochat.uy Avatar

    Hi Mani, thanks for always keeping us informed! We wanted to comment that we made a new plugin to have a WhatsApp contact button for wordpress websites. It is customizable for any language, easy to install and within a few seconds marks an unread message to encourage conversation. And above all, it’s Free!

    We hope you can see it and if you like to add it to your list! Thank you very much again Mani,


  2. J DeWit Avatar
    J DeWit

    Thanks for sharing. Is there a WP Whatsapp-plugin where users of a social network website (build on top of WordPress) can communicate over whatsapp between members?


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