20 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins

Quizzes are a tried-and-tested method to engage visitors and generate more traffic to your WordPress pages. And, it’s easy to include engaging quizzes with a simple plugin. Here’s my list of the 20 best WordPress quiz plugins.

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WP Quiz

If you are looking for a free plugin for creating fun and engaging quizzes for your visitors, WP Quiz is an ideal option! You can create different quizzes, such as personality quiz, trivia quiz and flip cards. It comes with six animation effects, shortcode support and an option to create unlimited quizzes without spending a penny!

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Quiz and Survey Master

Quiz and Survey Master can help you create interesting quizzes as well as conduct surveys. You can choose various question types, such as true or false type questions, multiple choice questions, fill ups, captchas, subjective answer questions, etc. This plugin enables you to set the time limit for answering different questions, provide hints or explain the answers and gather feedback from visitors.


Another famous plugin for embedding quizzes lists and polls to your WordPress page is Riddle. You can create unlimited number of quizzes, uses images and videos and edit them too. Remember, you need to have a Riddle account and connection with its server to use this plugin. You can start with its free trial, which works for 14 days.

Poll, Survey, Quiz, Slideshow and Form Builder

As its name suggests, Poll, Survey, Quiz, Slideshow and Form Builder does a lot more than just creating quizzes. It allows you to understand the opinions of your visitors by using numerous options. It is highly customizable and a developer-friendly option for creating appealing personality quizzes and trivia.

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Quiz Cat

For driving engagement with your WordPress page through exciting quizzes, Quiz Cat is an ideal plugin! It has beautiful landing page, “Start Quiz” button, headlines and sub headline images. Moreover, Quiz Cat also offers translations.

Chained Quiz

Another popular quiz WordPress plugin to engage your visitors is Chained Quiz. This plugin creates a conditional quiz, which means that the next question in the quiz depends on the answer to the previous question. Being free isn’t the only attraction of this plugin. You can actually create indefinite questions and quizzes with unlimited results.

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Ari Stream Quiz

Ari Stream Quiz is a user-friendly and powerful plugin to helps you create “digital glue” for visitors to your WordPress page! This plugin integrates with MailChimp and Mailer Lite. While you can create trivia quizzes with its free version, you can also create personality quizzes with its premium version. You can also integrate the quizzes on your page with other social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and a lot more.

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Another simple yet potential plugin for WordPress quizzes is OnionBuzz. You can create fascinating quizzes in various formats, such as checklists, flip cards, trivia and personality quizzes. The main features of this plugin include social integration, responsive design, customizability, Mailchimp integration and more.

mTouch Quiz

If you are looking for a plugin to create quizzes for touchscreen devices, mTouch Quiz is a good option. It is an extremely easy-to-use and customizable plugin. You can choose to give hints, specify the type of question asked and the time for which the answer is displayed on the screen.

Watu Quiz

By creating quizzes and exams with Watu Quiz, you can increase the social engagement of your WordPress page. This is a highly responsive plugin and you can use various shortcodes to attach quizzes to your webpages. You can choose the type of questions and make some of the questions mandatory.

Easy Quiz

As its name suggests, Easy Quiz is a simple and easy-to-use plugin for creating engaging quizzes on your WordPress webpage. You don’t need any setup or access to your database for using this plugin. It allows visitors to see their results at any time during the quiz and then continue with the quiz.

Viral Press

Viral Press is another WordPress plugin for creating engaging and interesting quizzes! It comes with various attractive features, such as meme generator, image comments, GIF reactions, and vote buttons. It has three widgets, most famous quizzes, most voted polls, and most famous posts.

eForm – WordPress Form Builder

eForm – WordPress Form Builder is an all-in-one plugin to create amazing quizzes, polls, surveys and collect data. It comes with more than 15 automated quiz components including manual and automated scoring. You can create and manage unlimited forms and quizzes easily with drag-and-drop options on the admin dashboard.

WordPress Viral Quiz

If you want to drive traffic to your webpage, you can try WordPress Viral Quiz to create engaging quizzes for your visitors. It is user-friendly and highly customizable, and lets you create both trivia and personality quizzes. It is fully responsive and enables visitors to access the quizzes on mobile devices too.

WP Quiz Pro

WP Quiz Pro is another popular choice for building intuitive quizzes for your WordPress website. You can create, manage and randomize unlimited questions. The inbuilt shortcode enables you to embed quizzes wherever you desire and share these on various social networking sites.


Another simple, beautiful yet powerful plugin for building appealing quizzes for your WordPress page is WP-Pro-Quiz. It lets you create quizzes with different types of questions, such as single choice, sorting choice, matrix sorting choice, etc. With this plugin, you can allow different points for different questions.

WordPress Quiz

Another very popular, powerful and user-friendly plugin to drive traffic at your webpage through engaging quizzes is WordPress Quiz. This plugin enables you to limit questions, offer hints, randomly sort quiz questions and provide a social sharing option.


If you are looking for an easy-to-use plugin to create dynamic quizzes without spending a penny, SlickQuiz is a great option. You can have unlimited questions and save the scores of your visitors. It enables participants to share results on social sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Guesson WP

An effective solution for building, managing and displaying interesting quizzes on your WordPress site is Guesson WP. It has a unique, time-based quiz, which allows your visitors to skip questions and then calculates the number of correct answers given in a specific period of time. It provides ultimate fun to your visitors!

Gravity Forms Quiz Add-ons

Gravity Forms Quiz Add-ons is a simple yet powerful plugin for building interesting and engaging quizzes to be embedded on your WordPress page. You can randomize questions, shuffle the order of answer choices and explain the answers as well.

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