20 Best WordPress Plugins for Quotes

Oscar Wilde once said, “Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.”

One of the most important aspects of being human is thoughts. And, one way to turn thoughts positive is through inspirational quotes. They even have the power to motivate us to work harder to achieve our life goals. So, if you want to add value to your WordPress site and give visitors something positive to take away, add a strong quote to your content.

Doing so becomes easy with these brilliant WordPress plugins for quotes.

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Quotes Collection

Quotes Collection is a great plugin that offers an amazing collection of quotes that can make your WordPress content even more appealing.

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Nice Quotes Rotator

Allowing the WordPress site owner to randomly select quotes displayed on the admin page using a shortcode or by using a sidebar widget, Nice Quotes Rotator can be used for random
quotes, rotating testimonials, rotating random affiliate links, or random featured posts.

Quote of the Day by LibQuotes

Quote of the Day allows you to generate a new quote each day through Libquotes.com. The impact your site can have on a visitor can be immense when there is a new handpicked quote appearing on your blog page’s sidebar.

Free Quotation

If you feel that you have something more than a quote to share with your readers, such as tips and pointers, Free Quotation is one plugin that can help.

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Lumia Testimonials

Testimonials are regarded as the unbiased voice that establishes trust. Testimonials are written by real people who actually used your products or services. Lumia Testimonials helps you display selected or random testimonials on your WordPress site.


Created by Applied Industrial Logic, OpenQuote is an open source system that allows you to integrate OpenQuote insurance product quotations into any WordPress 3 website. It is a common choice of insurers, brokers and agents who want to release and maintain their product efficiently by configuring risk assessments, risk capture and rating rules.

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Picture Quote of the Day by AZQuotes

One of the largest sites dedicated to quotes, AZQuotes allows you to add a Quote of the Day widget to your WordPress page. You can place a romantic, motivational or humorous quote on Quote of the Day sidebar, which will automatically change every day.

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Automatic Quotes

Offering you a collection of more than 200,000 quotes, Automatic Quotes is an aesthetically designed widget that matches the theme of most websites. The quotes are chosen automatically by the plugin from www.quotepiper.com, with a new one being placed on your site every morning.

Halloween Quotes

In recent years, there has been a drastic increase in the popularity of Halloween. In terms of consumer retail spending, it comes second only to Christmas. Halloween Quotes allows you to display a random Halloween joke on each page. The best thing about the plugin is the special Halloween effects that will surprise the reader by unexpectedly appearing at specified time intervals.

Hello Motivation

Who doesn’t mind having a little motivation in their daily life? Hello Motivation is a plugin meant for WordPress blog writers who need a little motivation to write their best piece of content.

Quotes and Sayings

With a wide variety of Quotes categories, Quotes and Sayings by QuoteTour will help you choose family-friendly quotes by famous authors from 20 topic feeds. Their topic feeds include categories like art, beauty, friendship, future, happiness, hope, inspirational, leadership, life, love, success, trust, truth and more.

Flexi Quote Rotator

With over 8,000 active installations, Flexi Quote Rotator is one of the most desirable WordPress plugins for quotes, using which you can add quotations/testimonials to your site using a shortcode, as a widget or PHP snippet in the template.

Say 4U

Sometimes, it becomes really hard to choose which topic you like best for the WordPress site. Say 4U solves this problem for you. It lets you place several Say4U widgets on your page from 20 different topic feeds. The widget is designed to adapt to the theme of almost all web pages.

Quote Tag

Quote Tag is an interesting plugin that helps you create and highlight your own quotes. It allows you to display short quotations within <q> tags, such that they become quotes.

WP Quote of the Day

Offering you a wide selection of more than 550,000 quotes from 125,000 authors, organized under 125 topics, WP Quote of the Day has something for everyone, catering to any mood and mindset.

Quote of the Day by TellMeQuotes

Just like any other Quote of the Day plugin, this plugin by TellMeQuotes also allows you to add a quote of the day widget to your WordPress site. Although it is not a very popularly installed plugin, it can certainly become your choice if you don’t mind a little extra dose of funny, inspirational and motivational quotes.

Quote of the Day by BrainyQuote

BrainyQuote is one of the most popular and largest quotation sites on the World Wide Web, from which you can expect nothing less than a fresh, unique and entertaining quotation every day. There is no second thought that Quote of the Day by BrainyQuote can be your immediate choice.

Daily Quotes

Giving you an opportunity to display a quote by means of a widget that is defined by the border colour, Daily Quotes allows you to display quotes chosen from Quotery.com.

Persian Quote of the Day

Although there is nothing fancy about Persian Quote of the Day by Sokhanak, if you are interested in adding a Persian quote to your WordPress site, this plugin can become your immediate choice.

Quotes Random

Your one-stop destination for random quotes from famous people, including inspirational quotes, motivational quotes, life quotes and love quotes, Quotes Random is a great choice. You can place random quotes on your post or page body content using shortcodes with this plugin.

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