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10 Best YouTube Marketing Tools

YouTube marketing has become a key component of the best marketing strategies. This is especially given the fact that visual content is better retained than text, not to mention the growing demand for videos. In fact, Hubspot revealed some astonishing statistics that state that in 2018, 78% people watch online videos each week, while 55% of them view such videos every single day. So, can your business afford to miss out on such a huge audience?

The good news is that there are some excellent tools to help you market your business on YouTube. Here’s my list of the 10 best such tools.

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For modern day marketers, it is really important to effectively and strategically push content to their target audience, making it stand out from all the clutter. Buzzsumo is a powerful tool to achieve just that, helping YouTube marketers with their content marketing and other SEO campaigns. It allows you find the most shared content and analyze high performing content for a particular topic or competitor. The social search feature on Buzzsomo helps in finding relevant and trending topics for content creation. Buzzsumo plans start at as little as $80 per month.

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Many great YouTubers are often seen discussing the importance of setting a schedule for posting new videos. Regardless of whether you post monthly or weekly, the key is to stay consistent and predictable for your followers. Hootsuite is an incredible tool that helps you schedule videos for sharing across all the social platforms. It also allows you to manage all your social media profiles in one place. This tool makes it extremely easy to manage the workflow on YouTube, helping you streamline every aspect of your YouTube workflow.


A large number of marketing professionals have reported that video has greater power to drive conversion rates, as compared to any other medium. Animated video marketing is the latest craze. If you want to make eye catching animated videos in an easy, simple and quick way, GoAnimate (now Vyond) is one tool that you cannot afford to overlook. It offers simple drag and drop features to create videos that are enticing and of professional quality. This tool allows you to easily change backgrounds, add voice overs, props, and characters.

Agora Pulse

The key to engaging your audience is to ensure that you are responsive, replying to their comments promptly. AgoraPulse is a Social Media Management and CRM platform that helps YouTube marketers remain updated with comments to their videos and stay engaged with their audience in real time. This tool is extremely helpful in helping marketers manage their social media messages, schedule and publish content, monitor social channels and identify key influencers. With all these features, AgoraPulse can be effectively used to manage YouTube channels efficiently.

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Every YouTuber dreams of their videos going viral and garnering greater audience numbers. If you are looking for a great tool to optimize your YouTube videos to get more views, YouTube’s certified partner, vidIQ, can certainly help. This tool is great at increasing the collection of tags and your organic reach. With vidIQ, you can leverage on YouTube Search and Related Videos to let more viewers arrive at your video. You can start with their basic free version and shift to the paid advanced version with extra features later.


Leading social media management software for start-ups, BRAND24 helps you regularly review your conversion rates and gather useful insights about your brand. This tool helps you analyze engagement rates on YouTube channels and review SEO elements, by analyzing what your audience is saying about you. Users are offered two parameters, influencer score (to identify people with the most social influence) and sentiment analysis (segmentation by positive, negative, or neutral mentions). You can also analyze what your competitors are doing effectively using BRAND24.

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Even if you have managed to create the most unique and engaging content for your YouTube channel, it will look incomplete without an amazing, professional-quality featured image. Canva is a popular YouTube marketing tool that lets you create beautiful designs, good looking banners in different fonts and layouts. Both free and paid versions of Canva are available. New YouTubers can start with the free version. However, if you want better results, the advanced version comes with more features.

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Bulk Suggest Tool

You know that users search using certain terms and phrases. Including relevant keywords and tags in your videos helps to increase its search engine rankings. Bulk Suggest Tool is free software, developed by Internet Marketing Ninjas. It allows you to easily find a list of the most popular phrases from the YouTube and Google search databases, by simply using a base word.


Search visibility is one of the primary goals for every marketer. However, this is not possible unless you use the right keywords in your videos. Keywordtool.io is a free tool, using which you can find exactly those keywords that your viewers on YouTube are using to search for what they want. It helps you come up with a list of tags for your YouTube videos that will be crucial to your content showing up on searches.


As a YouTuber or blogger, you might already understand the importance of good and enticing headlines to capture audience attention. However, using the right keywords in the headlines can give the content greater visibility in searches. With CoSchedule, you can easily create attractive headlines that have the right combination of keywords so that you content appears on the top of the search results. This will eventually increase traffic on your YouTube content.

While all these tools will help your video reach a maximum number of people, unless you create videos that are enticing, high quality and viral-worthy, the impact might still be lacking. So, while I would definitely recommend the use of YouTube marketing tools, make sure you first work on great content.

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