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So, this shoe company recalled their entire lot of kid’s shoes. The reason? You wouldn’t believe, if I told you!!

Eastman Footwear has recalled more than 12,000 pairs of children’s shoes because the product may be a possible “laceration hazard” to customers. Sounds pretty dangerous, right? Well, read on. “The metal rivets surrounding the holes where the shoestring is secured on the shoes can have sharp edges, posing a laceration hazard,” the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission explained in a...

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In New York, this lady will do what many of us want to do, for just $80/hour. What a great idea! Respect.

After reading this story, I have huge respect for this lady! According to NY Daily News, a Manhattan resident named Ali C is “New York City’s first professional cuddler”—working out of her Financial District apartment, she snuggles up with strangers for US$80 an hour, day in and day out. Launching her unconventional business—“Cuddle U NYC”—in November last year, she has already had...